How to charge the Craftsman 650 battery start lawn mower model 917.37641

I wasn’t sure how long I should charge this mower’s battery with the AC charger. The manual said to charge it after each use. The only way to check on the type of battery the mower has is to take it out of the battery holder and that’s what I did. This model, a Sears Craftsman self propelled mower 917.376741, uses a 12 volt, 5 Ah sealed battery. Like all sealed battery, it should not be overcharged. A good way to check the state of charge is to use a multimeter and set it to “Batt” position at 12v and measure the charge after charging. You can measure the voltage by placing the positive and negative probes at the battery connector. Even though the AC adapter only puts out 100 mA, it should not be connected indefinitely. The battery is probably happiest at 13.2 volt.
I was able to start the lawn mower after 3 years of non use. I just took the spark plug out, spray some carb cleaner in, prime it a few times, and gave a few hand pulls. Then I switched the ignition key and it started right up. To prevent damage to the battery, it should be maintained. That means recharging the the battery, even when you dont’t use it in the winter. My upgrade for this lawn mower will be a solar charging option.
My friend thought he was giving me a broken mower. True, the front wheels have to be replaced.
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5 thoughts on “How to charge the Craftsman 650 battery start lawn mower model 917.37641

  1. I just bought this lawnmower use off someone for 15 bucks. He said the only thing wrong was they lost the key. I cant find the key anywhere or even know what it looks like. I also found out therough research that it needs a charger, I found that. It's been setting a while I guess so am not sure the if the battery is good (no voltage meter), because of your video, Amazon is the place to go. I'm hoping to get this thing going knowing I only paid $15 for it. I was just wondering if I could get your help on what the key looks like or if you know where they carry them. Thanks in advance and your video.

  2. wtam69
    did u have to change out the connecter to get the battery to work i have the oem battery dii and I wanted to know if this one will work i have the same mower as u

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