1. @ronieboy44 Hi their, I have a chevy 283 Motor, does the engine has to be on TDC on Piston #1 in order to take off the timing gear and reposition it. Would that be correct?

  2. @Denkha94 no it does not because there is a dowel locating pin for the cam gear that only lines up one way. But it might help if when trying to line up timing marks on the cam gear such as +4 advance or -8 depending where you want it at. Take into account most aftermarket cams already have 4 degrees advance ground into it. Check the cam card or specs before hand.

  3. @paulsjunkcars they line up on the exhaust stroke of the #1 cylinder. Its companion cyllinder, #6, will be on the compression stroke

  4. @ratrodscot yes. but most 305 heads wont take anything bigger than a .420 lift cam and keep enough clearance to not crush the valve stem seals

  5. hey, armchair mechanic with what might be a very stupid question for somebody: the timing chain is a very sort chain in your video, so do I assume correctly this engine is an overhead valve engine? It looks like an old-school push rod engine, with the camshaft below the cylinder block right? and the cylinder block is not yet attached; you'e just working on the crank case?

  6. I may not be the one you're trying to ask, but that's your average SBC. Overhead valve, cam in block motor. Pushrods open and close the valves…

    What you're looking at is the block, upside down. It doesn't have the oil pan or heads on it.

  7. something tell's me "snug and 1/8th a turn" is not torqaued to spec, yes might eb tight enuff but there is a torque spec, mabey in the dvd u do it i dont know but torqued evertthing that deals internal of the engine1

  8. Don't teach people that. Your missing the cam locking plate and you always torque any engine component to specs. (With a torque wrench) you are right about locktite but red locktite is the one you should use. Did you forget to make a point to show people who are trying to learn to use the correct timing alignment mark. There's a dot and a zero. They need to know to line the dot up and not the zero.

  9. I am wondering once you line up the dot on the camshaft to the dot on the on the crankshaft and install the cam. Will the spark plugs / ignition system fire for each cylinder when the piston is top dead center or. Does something have to be set/lined up for the ignition system.

  10. I know the distributor based ones you need to install the spark plugs/wires in a certain way but for the new computerized distributorless cars do are they all preset by sensors to fire at the correct time provided the cam/cranks shaft / timebelt is install correctly

  11. My only problem after seeing the installation of the timing chain/camshaft/crankshaft assembly is if the ignition system will have to be timed with the rotation of the cam/crankshaft or if the crank/cam position sensors do all that for you so you don't have to worry about timing the ignition system just have to worry about lineing up does.
    Can you clear this issue up for me. I would imagine it may differ for inline , V , pushrod ,and other engine types.

  12. what I am hopeing is most of the engines/types if you get the crank/cam/timeing chain/belt correctly lined up the timing of the spark for the igintions system/cylinders to fire when the pistons are top dead center should be there (i.e no configuration of the ignition system) Can somebody verify this or give me an answer to this, Both for older noncomputerized distributor or later cars and the new non-distributor based computer ones that work on opening battery ground via a transistor.

  13. One of the stoutest cheap truck engines I have ever built was a .060 350 with stock dished pistons, a set of stock 305 HO 14014416 heads 1.84 1.50 valves, Melling MTC1 cam, an edelbrock performer, double row chain, and a 750 q-jet, manifolds and 2" duals. It had tremendous torque, it is still running great 12 yrs later

  14. Yeah we did that and also my friends came over and used a degree wheel and we set the timing and set it where com cams said but the headers are turning red

  15. I want to find an old V8 to restore and put it in a DIY go kart. How much do one of these engines cost to rebuild. If I was able to find one in a wrecking yard that needed restoration how much do you think it would cost. Or any v8, it doesn't need to be the same motor in this video. Just something old and powerful for a go kart.

    P.S. I'm new to all of this, so if I sound stupid, that's why.

  16. After the dots are lined up gary you will need to turn the engine over one turn that will be tdc number one ,that's a mistake I see a lot of people do is throw the distributor in before doing that and wonder why it doesn't start..the only thing I would have done different is I would have used a torque wrench to tighten the bolts..   

  17. In the case of putting a camshaft into a stock, running motor (unable to re-grease journals) what is a way to get around that without causing damage to the journals/cam?

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