How to Clean a 4-Cycle Engine Carburetor

Mark explains two carburetor cleaning methods for 4-cycle engine carburetors in this video. Carburetors can be easily cleaned at home with both of the methods that Mark demonstrates, dramatically reducing your bill at the repair shop.

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30 thoughts on “How to Clean a 4-Cycle Engine Carburetor

  1. You cleaned the carburetor, and the bowl.  The bolt that holds the bowl on needs to have gas flow through it (you can see the three holes in it) which is typically the problem from sitting engines.  Cleaning this bolt is just as important as cleaning any other part.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH!!!! I followed your instructions and now my lawn mower sounds just like new! I would have spent what a new lawnmower would have cost me at a small engine shop. Thanks to your awesome videos I only spent $4.00 on the carburetor cleaner and finished my Full tune-up in an hour. Including changing the oil, cleaning the spark plug and carburetor and sharpening the blade!!! Woohoo Gracias!!!!

  3. Mark: Thanks for the video. I have totally cleaned my carburetor and replaced the fuel with 93 octane. The problem that persists is that my lawnmower (John Deere JS63) will start with lots of priming but it immediately dies. It acts like it is starving for fuel but there is fuel in the bowl. Any ideas?

  4. Mark, Thanks for another excellent video presentation. Not being mechanically inclined want to know what is difference between 2 cycle vs 4 cycle engine, besides the additional 2 cycles of the 4 cycle engine. Surmise this is important when buying the motor oil.

  5. Nice, great video!  I went to clean the carburetor of my lawnmower & my friend informed me that what I was looking at was the "gas tank"…  i told him he was wrong, but he pointed out that i wasn't even looking at a 4-stroke engine.  In fact, what i was looking at was a golf club.  After I came down from the mushrooms i just ended up buying a new carburetor, but i didn't really feel like mowing the lawn anymore.  Thank u for the video though.

  6. what bad information  this is.modern carburetors are quite different than in years past.ultra sonic cleaners is what's  needed.this chap has no clue.

  7. This is B.S. IF you have a carb. and it is gummed up with varnish. Which is what happens to them if they have set for a awhile. The carb. cleaner is not going to help. You are wasting your time and money. The Best way I have found is
    to take it to a mower shop and let them soak it in a vat. They have a special cleaner and when they are done it looks almost new. . This way you do not have to deal with the chemicals. And when it is done they can tell you if you need a new kit.
    Last time I had one cleaned it was $30 Plus the carb. Kit. Some say vinegar works. But I have not had much luck with it.

  8. I want to use the ultrasonic cleaner to clean 2&4 stroke carburetors what do you use in the solution and how much do I mix and how long do I run the cleaner? I am looking to purchase a cleaner similar to the one you have. any info will be a great help thank you

  9. Thanks for the video. Got a tiller that won't keep running and have replaced air filter and spark plug. It has been sitting up for over a year with fuel in it. Hopefully I can get this done. Thanks again.

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