HOW TO CLEAN A Briggs & Stratton Quantum Lawnmower Carburetor

In this detailed video tutorial I show you how to remove and clean a carburetor from a Briggs & Stratton Quantum lawnmower engine.
This lawnmower came in the shop with an empty fuel tank. You should always empty the old fuel when performing this procedure.

Link to older bowl nut cleaning video;

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48 thoughts on “HOW TO CLEAN A Briggs & Stratton Quantum Lawnmower Carburetor

  1. awesome vid Donny…..i followed tour instructions to a tee but lawnmower will not start….it will only start if i give it a boost with quick start….it runs fine while it is running but once shut down will not start with out the quick start….any ideas….primer bulb has no line it's moulded into the side cover

  2. I’m a major vintage Lawn Boy 2 stroke fan, but those Briggs Quantum engines are pretty solid and simple to keep running. Definitely like the flathead Quantum better than the OHV Intek series. Keep up the great videos! Always look forward to seeing your newest one.

  3. Or just go on E-Bay and buy a new after market Carburetor for 8 to 12 bucks with free shipping. Works great and you don't get carb cleaner in your eyes.

  4. I own 2 lawnmowers with that same type of B&S engine on them. The primer does not draw in the gas well at all and the engines surge. The carburetors were cleaned but I never removed the welsh plug. What else can I do?

  5. Much Appreciated. Your instructions worked perfectly on my 2 year old snowblower which would not start. Turns out the carb was was gunked up with green sticky deposits , which I'm guessing might be copper carbonate caused by crappy ethanol in my fuel. I've subscribed to your channel which are the best quality videos I was able to find. You saved my 120 dollars by not needing to take to my small motor repair shop.

  6. Thanks. I have the old tornado 50 that doesn't start. I empty the fuel, change the spark plug and clean the air filter already.

    I think it is the carbriator. I will try to follow this video step by step.

  7. Thanks for this video it helped me to rebuild my carburetor last year. I rebuilt this carb thinking it would help my surging problem,but i think it is my governor. Could do a video on how to adjust the governor on this type of engine. Since the throttle is already open which way do you turn the shaft to correctly set it. Thanks again for all your videos

  8. I have Sprint 375 briggs and stratton lawn mover, the problems is that when I start its dies immediately. I' ve clean clean the carburetor as shown in the video buts the engine stop again. what should I do? Thanks

  9. I am So pleased to have found this video.
    I have a "Greenfield" ride on mower with a 6HP Briggs and Stratton engine that will run for about 15 minutes then stalls.
    If I loosen the fuel line After the in-line filter, the fuel miraculously appears in the inline filter again, the engine starts and runs till the next time it "runs out of fuel!.
    I now feel confident about taking the carburettor off.
    Thank You for sharing your knowledge, and the very clear and concise videos'.

  10. have a 2017 briggs 1150 snow engine , originally engine seized !!!
    removed the aluminum transfer with muriatic acid and flap wheel , then honed cylinder with red scotch brite pad , then welded scored piston and filed smooth and painted skirt with graphite paint, baked oven 2.5 hrs , reassembled engine , now not starting , after sitting for 3 years carb very dirty , took carb apart and cleaned main jet clogged and emulsion tube , now surging !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what now Dony ?????????????????

  11. its amazing how many of these things end up on the side of the road due to this issue. one easy fix later and it can be either resold or kept for personal use

  12. Can you use brake parts cleaner instead of carburetor cleaner and is it safer to use on rubber parts? If you use a product like seafoam or K100 will this prevent these carburetors from gumming up and needing to be taken apart and cleaned?
    Thanks for the great video, very informative!

  13. Wow!! This video tutorial was just what i needed to help me get my mower back on track! I had viewed several others. But, this one was geared for my briggs&stratton engine. So, KUDOS to Donyboy, for an excellent Mower Maintenance For Dummies video. I will check out any and all of your other offerings. WayneBo in The D

  14. Thank you for this video! I just clean the carb on my lawn mower. Could you please tell me the part number of the gasket kit for this carburetor?

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