How to Clean a Carburetor on a Small Engine, Mower, ATV, Go Kart, Scooter

Shows step by step how to clean a small engine float style carburetor on a Subaru EX13 small engine. Similar to Honda, Briggs and Stratton, and Predator 212cc engines with float style carburetor. Vertical or horizontal shaft. Visit my website for go kart plans, restorations, and maintenance walk throughs

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26 thoughts on “How to Clean a Carburetor on a Small Engine, Mower, ATV, Go Kart, Scooter

  1. Ever heard or soaking the carb in diesel fuel to help loosen the gunk? I heard that helps but I'm not sure. I might try soaking it overnight then taking it apart like in your video the next day.

  2. my kart only starts when I prime the cylinder but once that is prime is gone it dies. I think it might be a carb issue but not sure. I cleaned the carb but didn't take it apart like in this video . what do you think?

  3. I hade a carb problem on a robin ex27 9 hp and it seems I traded one problem for another, at idel I had to slowly give it gas to gain rpm if I just slamed on the throttle it would die, I did exactly as you did on your video n now the throttle response is perfect only now it runs at wide open throttle. everything looks normal I put all springs back the way they were but it's almost as if the the governor isn't working, any idea what I did wrong or what could of happend?

  4. Solid video, soothing voice. My kart starts every time, idles nice, but when I give it gas, it dies. Is this a carb issue?

  5. Hey +KartFab, I have a Predator 212 from HF and I've been having an issue with it shaking and coming close to dying/putts a lot after throttling. Can you help please?

  6. can you please help. my son's gokart is leaking gas from the air filter. when I turn the gas lever on, from the gas tank to the gas filter to the carburetor, alot of gas leaks out and continues to leak out from the air filter. is this a bad carburetor? TIA

  7. Great video! I don't have a Subaru, but thank-you so much for skipping all the chit-chat and profanities the other people have. No wonder you have so many subscribers!

  8. i recently started working at a small engine shop and i use welding tip cleaners to clean the main jet in all the carbs i rebuild!! just a heads up if your carbs jets are very dirty!

  9. Very nice video! I bought a Predator engine from HF last year. This year it will start and run a few seconds and die. After a few minutes it will do the same thing again. Any Ideas?

  10. just came here to see where the funny lil spring from the govenr goes, great pic's of all things fuel on these EX motors. Thanks

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