How to Clean a Carburetor (Small Engine)

How to clean a small engine carb
TRACTOR: Craftsman LT1000 (2002?)
ENGINE: Briggs I/C 16.5 HP Cast Iron Sleeve
REAR END: MST-206 (6 Speed)Peerless Transaxle
TOP SPEED: 11 MPH (17.7 KM/H)
RATIO(Before Tranny): 1.3:1
MY WELDER: Clarke Weld 130 MIG Gas/No Gas
ENGINE OF CHOICE: Briggs and Stratton



28 thoughts on “How to Clean a Carburetor (Small Engine)

  1. You did a good job as far as I'm concerned remember safety first. There is enough to pesticide and gasoline to kill grass in 3 days. So remember that when you're handling that stuff and cleaner is no better

  2. Good job, good video – thanks for sharing. Remember to wear gloves, and use care around the solvents and chemicals – they will come back to haunt you later on.

  3. Hi, please wear Gloves, Mask and Safety Glasses and becareful with all you do cause your body is more important especially Fingers and Eyes. I see you have a GREAT head on your shoulders, and learn as much as you can. Broaden your horizon and someday you don't have to pay anyone to fix anything for you, save you lots of $$$ in the future :). I can fix practically anything and the only thing that they can make money on me is a Roof, since I am afraid of height. Funny thing is… Recently I develop a wearable device, that I no longer afraid of Height (Summer 2016) :))). I was able to help fixing a leak on our Roof the first time and I am currently looking to Patent it. Funny thing is, I always said to myself, that when I get my own House, I thought that is the only thing that People can make Money out of me, hahaha I was WRONG again, LOL :))). So yea, work hard at something and it will be paid off in the end. ………………………………………………………… Now on the down side, just buy a Carb Rebuilt Kit, Save Time and $$$. With your Time, and Cleaning Products… A Rebuilt Kit would be Cheaper :))). Some new Carburetor is CHEAP too, but in your case, it's a FLOJET and it's about $140.00 right now (2016 Price), so best to buy a Rebuilt Carb Kit…………………………………………………….BRAVO on the Video CLAP CLAP CLAP  :)))

  4. don't use a steel wire wheel for a brass float because if you scratch a pinhole in it the float will be stuck open because the float will fill with gas. i suggest using a plastic wire brush or even copper, it may take longer but then you don't have as much of a chance of ruining your float. but also if you do have a pinhole in it you want to drain all gas out by drilling a 1/16 or "smaller" and absorb it with cotton and re solder it. to find pinholes you just simply shake your float to see if there's gas in it and if there is light a match wave it around to see where its coming from.

  5. Good job on the video. I have been watching many of these carb cleaning videos and (although I knew , not everyone does) you were the first and only one that showed what the float needle does and how it works. Yeah, common sense for a lot of people but common sense just isn't so common any more. The only question I have is about the O-ring gaskets, doesn't carb cleaner eat away at them? I am going to take mine off just to be safe. Would be good to know for sure in the future cause if I don't have to take them off it would keep from potentially damaging them physically by stretching and prying. Thanks for taking the time to show us old folks a trick or two. I am headed to the welding supply when I get a few extra bucks for the welding tip tool.

  6. so I see when you used your wd 40 you forgot to extend the flip up tip so it will come out…you were trying to use it when it was it was in the off position…


  7. Nice job!  BUT, you are breathing dangerous fumes and absorbing cancer causing chemicals through your skin!  Use some rubber gloves and run a vent fan with a  breeze right by your face. cheers

  8. I did make a RER Build. Check it out sometime. It's a 1971 John Deere 57. I didn't document the whole project cause I just recently got my new camera. If I can find a cheap mower, I may make one and document it. Also, what sizes were the front tires on the RER you had? Do you still have a good one laying' around?

  9. It would have cost too much for the little power it would've had. maybe sometime in the future i will. why don't you start a RER build, MAKE IT AWESOME than maybe I will give you a Shout-out

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