How To Clean a Plastic Briggs Carburetor – Video

How to clean and repair a Briggs and Stratton plastic lawnmower carb the fastest, quickest and easiest way.

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46 thoughts on “How To Clean a Plastic Briggs Carburetor – Video

  1. Steve- I've got a push mower, 450E B&S engine that will not start. I've replaced the spark plug, check with a spark detector, cleaned the carb, cleaned the fuel tank and fuel line and today replaced the carb jet. The choke is working properly. The mower has 3 seasons on it. It will burn a blast of ether and fuel is getting to the carb. It will not even try to start and run. I'm running out of ideas. You got any?

  2. Drilling out the main jet makes it easier start but still having issues the engine does not want to rev up. I have pictures but it will not let me post them here.

  3. Thank you couldn’t figure out if that jet cartridge could be removed. It was all clogged. Appreciate the vid!!!

  4. If you are going to pay someone to clean the carb, think about just buying a new carb on eaby for 15 dollars shipped to your house, watch a video on youtube, and change the carb yourself. It's not that difficult. That or take the new carb to the mower repair guy and have him change it out for way less labor than messing around trying to clean the old one.

  5. At what point does all the consumers getting frustrated and throwing these mowers in the landfill offset the little bit of extra emissions created by allowing them to run rich enough to not have problems? 🤔

  6. Steve! Dave here from Edinburgh In Scotland. Just wanted to say thanks for your excellent diagnosis of the potential carb issue. This was exactly the case for me. Plastic carb and lawnmower would not run. Started pulsating then eventually died on me. You tutorial encouraged me not only to have a beer but also strip the carb to its Componenets and open up the needle valve diameter. Runs like a dream now! Well done.

  7. I have a Briggs engine with a plastic carburetor. I had the same problem. This fixed it. I am fine with the plastic carburetor. It’s easy to take off and clean. Also I can buy a brand new one on eBay for only $13 dollars. I’m a big fan of replacing parts to keep stuff running. A new carb on a Honda sure isn’t only 13 bucks.

  8. Very cool!Thank you! Troy Bilt 230, ran once from new, wont start this season. This has to be it. The weird snap-in 'cartridge' stumped me. Thanks again.

  9. Worked as a charm on mine as well! Feels so good, being able to fix your own stuff. On my carb the first inlet was clogged up, right were the fuel enters the carb, blew through it using light air pressure and then proceeded to check and clean all other parts. Have one question though: I'm contemplating adding a fuel filter to the fuel line. Any tips for doing this? What should I look out for? Much appreciated!

  10. Great video! managed to fix lawnmower quickly and always love to learn a new skill.
    great attitude to repairing and not replacing parts unnecessarily, we need more of this! cheers!

  11. You sir saved me a lot of trouble. I bought a new mower last here last year in the UK with a B&S engine, it has had no more than 4 hrs usage. I got it out today and it wouldn’t start…I did exactly what you said and described and found my jet in the cartridge was totally blocked…it took some time back and forth and then pop, it cleared. Carb back together and started first time. Thank you and as the weather gets better I’m sure this video will assist many others…I owe you a beer 🍺 👍🏼

  12. Where can I find the part that you use an allen wrench to remove from the bowl. I realize now I didn't have to remove it, but I did and I broke it trying to put it back in. It's my neighbor mower and I hate to not get it running for him. Thanks for the tip on using the microscopic drill bit.

  13. I have seen a different problem on these today – a debris blockage in the fuel passage below the pilot jet. The pilot jet itself was clear but debris was visible below where the fuel passage turns a right angle. The end of the passage is sealed with a steel ball. I cut into the plastic to get behind the ball to remove it and clear the debris, then resealed with super glue. The initial symptom was hunting, so I suspected leanness in the pilot system but it took me quite a lot of goes to find the problem. Thanks for the videos Steve, You have taught me a lot, also Taryl and Donnyboy.

  14. Steve you make great videos but you need to take the white plastic jet assembly apart to do a correct rebuild of a plastic carburetor, that is where everything accumulates. If you don't your wasting your time.

  15. You are a genius, Steve.. Got the mini drill bits, drilled out the jet, and mu mower starts like a charm ALWAYS on the first pull…Thank you…!

  16. I just want to say thank you for taking time to teach us weekend warriors how to fix our small engine equipment. My Toro with the B&S 163cc was not running smooth (Would either start and die and or run but surging power up and down) and figured it was something with the carb. I had never worked on a B&S plastic carb and watching this I was able to give it a good cleaning and get my mower back up and running like a champ within about 20 min. Thanks again and you now have a new subscriber.

  17. i already cleaned the carb but the engine keeps surging the linkage and spring r good but it jus keeps surging any idea how to fix that?

  18. The main jet will always plug on all engines. That is 90% of all lawn mower engines. I will always poke through the jet with a sewing needles. Thank you for showing me how to get the bowl off

  19. I didn't read all the comments, so someone may have already mentioned this, but that cartridge (the white piece) is actually two pieces. (both white). The center pops off, taking the 2nd jet with it. It's L shaped. I think that's why it kept getting plugged is because when you shoot carb spray in there, it doesn't actually get it all out. Too many places for those boogers to hide. Take the top of the cartridge off, and spray it out. Sometime's just a little tug will get it off. Sometimes you gotta pry it off like you do when you remove the whole cartridge, initially.

  20. Ultra lean burn engines are the trouble, I've generally got away by using fuel and compressed air myself, I do hate plastic carbs though, but the older plastic type diaphragm ones are very cheap new. Really appreciate your putting down in such a quick easy way to help people out here.

  21. Steve, what is your go to/recommended carburetor cleaner for these plastic carburetors. I’ve heard horror stories of the plastic melting and don’t want that to happen

  22. I installed a shutoff in the fuel line and turn it off and run the engine until it runs out of gas when I'm done mowing. It actually runs for four or five minutes on what's in the bowl. Between that and using stabilized non-ethanol fuel I don't expect problems in the future, but if I do, I now know how to fix it. Thanks, Steve, very clear tutorial!

  23. Thank you very much for making this video , I really learned allot. This video answered my questions about these carbs failing.

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