How to Clean a Spark Arrestor Screen on a Small 2-Cycle Engine–A Quick Fix

Have you cleaned the spark arrestor on your small engine lately? You might want to. Doing so regularly can prolong your engine’s life and help it run better. Helpful items in this quick fix include a blow torch, needle-nose pliers, scrench and/or a socket wrench. The unit featured is a Tanaka TPS-260PF Power Tree/Pole Pruner.

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15 Replies to “How to Clean a Spark Arrestor Screen on a Small 2-Cycle Engine–A Quick Fix”

  1. i so so thank full,  you are awesome, men i was trying to clean it all day , i got so mad i can not find it , and i was there, no idea is was under the lid , . thank you so much i have subscribe now , since  all you videos are so calm and well explain it 

  2. excellent video as usual! Can you tell me how to access the spark arrestor in a craftsman bushwacker model 358795800????? Or does it even have one? If it does it must be in the muffler but what part di I need to remove and how to remove it to get to the muffler on the craftsman 32cc above?

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