How to Clean a Two-Cycle/Two-Stroke Engine Carburetor

Learn how to disassemble, clean, and reassemble a 2 cycle engine carburetor with the help of this tool repair video.

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39 thoughts on “How to Clean a Two-Cycle/Two-Stroke Engine Carburetor

  1. not to sound like a smart-ass but is it possible to just make your own gaskets or are these more intricate that it's just not feasible? great videos by the way

  2. That carb is a ZAMA C1U-H60D and a full rebuild kit is a ZAMA RB-29, which is commonly available from many online sources. Even the sponsor, E-Replacement Parts, sells them!

  3. Thanks for the video but you made a mistake. Philips is not a type of head, it is a type of drive. Like Pozi drive and socket drive and slot drive.

  4. He should not allow the carburetor cleaner to touch his skin at all. They are a known carcinogenics that absorb through the skin.

  5. I have this carb on a Ryobi tool (unfortunately), and agree with other viewers that there seems to be a discrepancy with the assembly of the metering section. According to Walbro and Zama online guides, and this Walbro video:, the assembly sequence is: gasket to carb body, then diaphragm (large disc inside), then cover plate. The parts disassembly at 1:25 and reassembly at 7:37 show different parts placements, both different to that specified by manufacturers. I think this should be corrected to avoid misleading people (like me for a while).

    Also it's worth removing the mixture screws – I found debris at the end of the H screw (looks like part of a brush hair, probably from OEM – Ruixing).

  6. I did all of this. I changed the plug, air filter and gas too. My Stihl grass trimmer still won't start. So I bought a Dewalt battery grass trimmer, problem solved !

  7. Excellent video and instructions,very clear and easy way to get it right,and if one cannot follow this simple instructions,perhaps shouldn't touch the carb.

  8. Hello, I noticed when you take the gasket and diaphragm of in the beginning of the video, it appears you put them back them back together in the reverse order. When I check schematics of these small carburetors, it appears that after you replace the spring/needle valve assembly, you then place the gasket, then the diaphragm and finally the cover. Your vid has the gasket and diaphragm reversed. Can you please confirm what is correct ? I followed this video and now my carb leaks gas out of the butterfly. SO I'm thinking the diaphragm is too close the the spring and holding it down just a bit. Thus slow gas leak.

  9. Thank you for the video showing how to service a small carburetor, the problem I have with mine is when I start it and let it warm up as soon as I try to speed up it just splutters and stops, I have sprayed carb cleaner in it but still no good, any help would be brilliant.

  10. Hello Bubba I have stripped the carburetor like you said and I still have the same problem will run but will not increase speed as soon as I try it just splutters and stops, I have been in touch with the supplier and they seem to think it is a problem with the factory setting on the carburetor but am still waiting on a reply as I may have to replace the carburetor, will let you know outcome, thanks once again.

  11. Hey mark I work at a lawn mower parts store and I came to realize that for the rhino carburetors the Zama carburetor kits with part number Gnd-12 or Gnd-18 have worked for my customers. Try it!

  12. I have gone to the length of video taping myself disassembling so I can review the video. You wouldn't have to replace the carb but you would be waiting to use your tools till you get a new kit. I have used clean gift paper.

  13. Hey Mark I have a problem I hope you can help with. I have a blower that if I don't tilt the exhaust side up every 5-8 secs it shuts off. Please help if you can

  14. I am glad to see you mentioning the spring that loves to go flying. First time I took apart a dead carb to see what makes it tick that piece almost hit me in the face and I never found it in the garage again

  15. couldn't you run a 2stroke without a carburetor by spraying the fuel directly into the intake hole???? Wouldn't that make it run more efficient since now there is no restriction in the air flow for the intake????

  16. Leave this guy ALONE! If your a professional in any mechanical or construction setting then your are well enough aware that you should be wearing your PPE. Now if he's comfortable not wearing goggles and gloves and face mask then so be it… he doesn't need every Tom, Dick, and Harry telling giving him tips on how to be safe when he's doing such a simple – non dangerous job that it seems he's done several times. Now if he was juggling knives recklessly that's a different story. So just watch the video, get what you need from it and stop tying to be a hero and just shut up.

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