48 thoughts on “How To Clean an Older 8HP Briggs & Stratton Carburetor

  1. Hi, I have a Bolens (Garden Way) 5 hp front tine tiller model 12040.  It is over 20 years old and has not been used for years.  As a result the gas has turned to varnish.  I applied some carb cleaner in the choke and it fired up.  The tank needs to be cleaned as well as the carb rebuilt.  My problem is accessing the bolt on the bottom of the gas tank for removal.  One of the shafts that drive the belt is on top of the tank bolt and I cannot access it.  Does the shaft have to be removed to do this or am I missing something?  Thanks

  2. I remember those old carbs well, wonder why that motor wouldn't run it all, didn't look to dirty or plugged when you had it apart…

  3. Dony, How about a video cleaning a 9hp Briggs Vanguard Model 185432, Type 0614E1, Code 99091649 carb. Need Help & can't seem to find a video to get my generator up & running again.

  4. sorry we also do not fix satellites either simple things first often fix big issues on a small engine i work on mowers and snowblowers alike farm tractors are a good challendge

  5. Hey don i have the same engine on an gilson but when i start It and want to blow snow the engine shoots fire from the Box and the muffler and when i try to start it it shoots more fire do you now what the problem is

  6. I have a question?, how much play in the throttle shaft should this carb have?, I have a briggs horizantel 7hp with the same carb, been over everything and cant get the carb dialed in, checked valves changed head gasket etc, wont idle worth a darn real sporatic idle, they carb has been cleaned and rebuilt, there is alot of play in the throttle shaft, side to side and some up and down? any ideas?

  7. Hey Donny,   I have a question? I have an old model B&S 10 hp  off a snowblower, and the key way on the crank is worn out. Can I use a crank off an 8hp B&S  ? Which I have off a snapper mower..Also could I also put the 8 hp head on the 10 to increase compression..Compression on the 10 hp is 75 at present. Thanks Donny . Todd.

  8. I have a 69 Custom 7 with a briggs 8hp engine. I was having an issue getting the carburetor apart. Thanks to your video, I now know why.

  9. Excellent well done presentation, very clear images, very detailed. I have the exact same carburetor on an 8 hp B&S powered Troy Bilt chipper/shredder, probably about thirty years old. This video was a great help to me.

  10. hay don can i remove an replace fuel solenoid on my briggs v twin 20 hp mower engine with out removing fuel bowl p/s do you have a video of that thx so much

  11. Space shuttle huh? I seem to recall another guy that fixes mowers use that line a few times. Either way, it looks like it's getting plenty of fuel now, smoothed out real nice…and there's your dinner! 😉

  12. What is a good starting point for the fuel needle? Mine was 3 full turns back. I have this on a tiller, would start then quit, would restart right away, traced it to a plugged gas cap. Ran great for about 15 minutes then started reving up & down.

  13. I am trying to restore a Simplicity 725 riding tractor with a Brigg & Stratton 7+ HP engine and I am looking for a new carburetor just like the one you are working on. Do you have any retailers that I could call about this? Model number 200401-0019-99 Thanks Stan

  14. I just got an Allis Chalmers with this engine, then got the same engine for warm weather and that one's going on my minibike, then my drift trike once it's built, but nobody uses these things, I was surprised

  15. donyboy, I have an old B&S 5hp, 206cc on a leaf blower. I have spark and I have compression but I can't make it hit on anything. For good measure I replaced plug and coil, setting both properly. I tried fuel directly to carb and then I removed and cleaned carb. I also checked flywheel key. Any ideas? Thanks.

  16. I have an old Eatons snow blower with the exact same carb. Your video worked perfectly. I have never worked on a Briggs and Stratton carb. After carefully removing and cleaning the carb it now works as new. A couple hour fix that cost zero dollars! Thanx

  17. use premium fuel in small engine , for some reason it works better and does not gum up in a carburetor after long storage ,
    second if you have a fuel valve turn it off while the engine is running and wait until the fuel dries out from the carburetor ,
    Fuel left in the carburetor for a long time will dry up and damage the carburetor , installing a fuel shut off valve is easy ,
    If engine is hard to start remove the spark plug and use a propane torch burn off the Corbin residue and whatever might be on the spark plug , I do it until the Central Electric and the ground electroid get red hot , of course wait until the spark plug cool down before reinstalling it , in the Old Country Palestine we used to put a small amount of gasoline on the ground put the spark plug in the middle of it and set it on fire , that always worked to get us out of a jam ,

  18. Very well done. Good voice, clearly spoken, good camera control. Enjoy your videos.

    One problem I have run across a couple times is a flywheel that WILL NOT come off and has no pulling holes. Three point pulling linkage would not do it either. I ended up heating the hub red hot and it came off in loud groans and pops. The key was just fine. I have broken a flywheel in the past. Lots of videos of them coming right off with a tap. Any suggestions for the future. Thought about building some custom rear multiple point wedge.

  19. thank you so much! I have searched all over the Internet for that simple or what at least I thought should be a simple answer and I simply could not find it. Thank you I'm learning so much from watching your videos it's amazing.

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