21 thoughts on “How to clean and put back on a briggs and stratton carb part 1

  1. I watched a lot of these videos because my Briggs and Stratton 6hp pressure washer would not run, it would catch but then die out right away. I re-built the carb like the "pros" did (it did need it), still no dice, just catches and then died out, so I figure what the hell I'll do it this kids way. It turned out to be the little holes in the carb, something was clogged, long story short- this is the video that got my engine running. Way to go kid, I believe you are going places!

  2. Hurricane Irene is here and my B&S generator wasn't running. I saw your video and noticed that after rebuilding my carburetor I had missed one key element. I put the carburetor back and voila! it worked! Good stuff….

  3. If you place the O-ring on the main carburetor and then place ball on, it is easier to align and tighten. This video got a 4 year old generator with a full tank of gas back in shape just in time for Sandy. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Just to let you know, You need to get the KIT for your B&S model. In the Kit there is the gaskets and needle valve parts. Remove the jet that you may have damaged trying to get it out.
    Replace the parts and you'll be good to go.

  5. LOL Got a snapper riding mower with a 10HP tecumseh motor for nothing. The thing would not turn over. LOL This got me running again

  6. GREAT video bro. I was having no end of trouble with mine; taking it apart, spraying it randomly, putting it back together, failing. It was the little gas valve that did the trick. Really well done and informative video. Thanks a million!

  7. Nice video. I'd like to make a suggestion, though. Start from scratch, rather than with the carb already off (some people may have trouble with disconnecting/clamping off the fuel lines, actually removing the float bowl and the carb itself or other preparation details). Remember, some of your viewers may have NO mechanical experience whatsoever, so it's important to lay down the steps as clearly as humanly possible. [And what viewer Cole Vivian said about spraying the gasket is true]. Later!

  8. if it still does that the big whole that ontop of the carb start it and then put ur hand over the whole of the carb so that was pressure with make the carb suck up the gas and should stay running

  9. just some suggetions- i would get a new bowl and your actually not suppose to spray the o ring and the plastic diaphram because the carb cleaner drys really fast which can make those thing get really brittle and break.

  10. Thank you coolmdog55. I watched your video and cleaned my carburetor as you instructed. I am 65 years old and not mechanically inclined about small engines. You saved me a bunch of money. Thank you. Look forward to more lessons from you.

  11. i was finally going to give up and take it to a shop and this saved me the money and trip, so thank you for being awesome

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