How To Clean Briggs and Stratton Quantum 6.5HP Carburetor A to Z

Trying to cover everything in this video that I missed in my other vids. Here is a list of replaceable parts for this carburetor.

bowl nut gasket-271716
carb float-398187
bowl gasket-796610
needle/seat kit-398188
6.5 HP STD bowl nut/jet-697355
Air filter/primer gasket- 272653
Hope this helps and good luck!


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30 thoughts on “How To Clean Briggs and Stratton Quantum 6.5HP Carburetor A to Z

  1. When I took the bowl of the carb there was a bunch of debris. There is no fuel serviceable fuel filter I can see; should I add an in line? Or is the debris possibly from dried out gaskets?

  2. Super video , thank you. I got my quantum working having watched you video, saved me 50 notes with the local lawnmower guy ūüôā
    if there was 'buy a beer' button on YouTube I would be first one to click it, thanks again

  3. I think you just solved my problem. I failed to clean the holes in the bowl nut. Back to the mower and check to see if that is really my problem. Thanks so much for your time and effort.

  4. Great video. Thanks. Have a question. Live in Siberia. Baptist Missionary have a Partner P53-625DW mower. Followed your video took off carb was a little particles in float bowl no water. cleaned everything with air put all parts back. Have not rebuild kit. Old parts though looked in good condition. Cleaned holes and jets with wire. Drained and cleaned gas tank. Put all back together. Starts on one pull. However, slight occassional miss ever so light. You can if look carefully see on the miss the mover deck jerk ever so lighter to the right on the miss. I poured carb cleaner in the gas seems to help a little not much. What do you recommend? Would a bad spark plug cause the slight miss? What size spark plug should I get?

  5. you should never use an impact gun to work on small engines…YES it's only to speed up the video and to remove the bolts only………but still…..

  6. I did this as shown but I have a question that wasn't covered. When I put the "Z" linkage back on and bolted on the carb I noticed that the butterfly does not move when I active the spring handle up by where my hands go. Normally it won't start until I engage that spring handle and shuts the motor off as soon as I let go. I'm guessing this opens and shuts the butterfly in the carb or is this not correct? I'm wondering before I put gas in and try to start it only to find I have to take it back apart.

  7. Yea I really appreciate the fact your not being a comedian or a utube nut very educational videos some of these guys make 30 min videos and have 10 min of useable video on them the rest is false teeth and nonsense ??

  8. Alex hi! I just overhauled my BS carb but my question is: should  the seat be below the little chamber bottom or should be flushed. I'm thinking that the float seemed a little high or it might just need adjustment. Please advice.Thanks

  9. I added a fuel shutoff and a top hat filter to my gas line on my new B&S pressure washer. I do not run ethanol in any of my small engines and these were just preventive measures because the shutoff allows me to run the engine completely dry of gas before storage. I have them on all of my small four cycle engines. if you use ethanol in any small engine you are just asking for problems, especially fuel related.

  10. This video doesn't even mention the low speed jet or how to clean it. In most cases, this is the jet that clogs and keeps the engine from running at anything close to an idle. I'm looking to find a video that shows how to clean the idle jet……….

  11. Alex a very good vid on quantum carbs, with much detail. Two things I do different,first is just clamping off the fuel hose and removing the bowl nut and seeing if there is dirt or water in the tank and cleaning the nut. Second is clean the gas tank with hot water and dab of dish soap and rinse, then giving it a thorough shake out before setting it to dry.

  12. Mr. Alex, you provide excellent information, HOWEVER VISUALLY you need more ILLUMINATION on your work product so a VIEWER can readily SEE what you are doing. The lack of sufficient light showing the inside view of the carb you are working on makes it difficult for an inexperienced user who is trying to learn from your otherwise excellent video. Thanks for correcting this in your next video.

  13. I enjoyed this video. Can you also do create a video on how to remove, clean and put back the carburetor on Troy Bilt TB 280ES model? Thanks a lot. JoeZ

  14. good video man way more detailed then the last thanks I have to clean Carb on my briggs 6.5hp pressure washer tomorrow ran great yesterday with hardly any gas in it but was leaking gas out into air filter at 1st then after running it stop leaking but then today fill tank up and keeps dying like its flooding itself out or not getting enough gas each time its weird have to open to find out what the problem really is though but thats what happens when you let things sit for 3 years without using at least its an easy n cheap fix

  15. DUDE, this video JUST SOLVED my problem with my Briggs and Stratton Brute 22 mower. I tried replacing the fuel line and filter, checked the spark plug and could only get it to run on starter fluid!!!! I thought I checked all the parts to make sure they were clean in the carburetor except the nut at the bottom. THANKSSSSSSSS

  16. Perfect video, just what I wanted to see, cleaned the carburetor like you said and has now cut all our lawns, nice to see someone knowing what they are talking about.

  17. When I don't want to bother soaking a carb in a sonic bath, and, I'm going to replace all the seals and gaskets, I drop the carb in some boiling water for about 10 minutes…it gets any small grit particles out.

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