How to Clean Briggs&Stratton Points and Condenser

How to clean the points ignition or briggs and stratton engines
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45 thoughts on “How to Clean Briggs&Stratton Points and Condenser

  1. Thanks! I've got spark now. I was ready to take my chipper shredder to a shop but your video was well done and easy to follow. Gave me the confidence to jump in and do it.

  2. There is a flat spot on the face all horizontal Engine's starter clutches that is supposed to be at TOP before you finesse the shroud on, but most people don't align it, not critical. Be SURE to put 2 screws in starter's BEARING COVER. BEFORE testing…, centrifugal force can throw 6 balls out of it like a drive-by shooting!.

  3. Large channel locks will grab the starter clutch at 2 opposite places eliminating chance of breaking ear off. I always wash contacts with carbueretor cleaner. Always put a few drops of oil up inside square shank., there is a felt 'wick' in top.

  4. It is easier to use a pair of Stilsons on the starter clutch. Less risk of damage or breaking a lug off. After 47 years, it was TIGHT! Also be careful how you lock the flywheel, as some "fins" are not so big and liable to shear off.

  5. A hex bit screwdriver fits the screws, & also the washer between the flywheel & clutch is cupped & should go on curve ( out.

  6. Thanks for posting this up! I have an old engine from the early 70s that isn't sparking. I'm going to try this tomorrow.

  7. When I worked at a mower shop we used a business card to set the right gap in between the coil and flywheel.   Works great every time.  hope this helps someone out. Btw great video.  Thanks

  8. Thanks for the clear and straightforward video. It's just what I needed to get to the points and get a 1962 tiller running. 🙂

  9. Thank you such bro! I have a 1975 tiller with a Briggs on it and this is exactly the how to I was looking for to get her started (hopefully).

  10. just to let you know if you let the oils of your skin on the condenser or the points the spark will get worse or not work at all. Just some friendly advice

  11. If engine runs a minute or so and dies, coil can be bad. use 12 v. battery and
    auto ignition coil. Bat neg to eng. Bat + to coil and from coil to points. use auto igntn
    cond. across points. very likely engine will continue 2 run,proving mag was bad and
    carb is set properly. coil should be bolted to engine, use coil to dist, wire from coil
    2 plug. I have done this w larger engines whose mag would cost 300$ or more if 1 was
    lucky to find one. Good Luck ! Ramona1058

  12. Hi pimpinpenz, yeah nice job with video, I would have run a piece of sandpaper
    over the magnets on flywheel as well as under pole pieces of coil core. Sometimes
    if after new points and condenser were properly set and not much of a spark, take
    coil and core assembly and place in oven on lowest setting for a few hours.
    Magneto coils do go bad, they will work 4 a minute or so than crap out and u think the
    carb may be messed up.

  13. @babennewport take a soft faced hammer and just tap it back together. Look at my other video i show how to fix that stator piece the video is called: How To Fix Briggs and Stratton Ratchet Starter

  14. good video. i took off the screen over the flywheel and when i pulled it off, the spinning mechanism separated and bearings fell out. can it be salvaged, can't figure out how to keep both halves together. Thanks

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