16 thoughts on “How to Clean Lawnmower Carburetor John Deere LT155

  1. I bought the same mower from a guy who said it had been sitting for a year.  Same problem, it'll turn over but not start.  I did try the steps in this video, but still no go.  Any other things to try?  I know its getting spark…

  2. Having similar issue with my LT155 not starting. I replaced the ignition coil, spark plug, and fuel filter. The carb bowl seems to be getting gas and looks clean from what I can see (without taking it apart). I can get it started for a few seconds by dribbling a little gas… but it only stays on for a few seconds.

    Do you think I should remove the carb and clean it or is more likely a fuel pump?

  3. I have a John Deer L110 now 15 years old. It would run for maybe 15 minutes without problem then display symptoms of fuel starvation. It barely ran only when choked full on and finally wouldn't start at all.. Checked fuel pump, solenoid operation, pulled carburetor and cleaned. These all looked good. Finally I looked at the gas cap. In the center top of the cap is supposed to be a hole. You should be able to blow air through this. Mine was plugged. Unplugged it with a quick blast of air and a wire for good measure. Another symptom of this problem is that after it bucks and starves out, I could leave it sit for an hour or two, then it would run fine for another 15 minutes or Just enough time air to leak in and fill the vacuum in the gas tank!! FYI, the carburetor had these numbers on it 97A 1203 12053117 Walbro 9 should you have to order parts.

  4. I have a John Deere 166 it cranks but won't start at all..but if u spray staring fluid in carb is starts for second…..its getting gas I drained the gas put all new gas and cleaned the Jets and carb.still nothing..but sometimes when I try to start it the starter won't stop spinning..when even key is off.

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