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  1. yikes i cleaned the carburetor and change the spark plug (supposedly gapped to my requirements), and it is still not starting. now, i have a bigger problem as gas is leaking from the carburetor cup around the rubber gasket area opposite the bolt. the cup does not feel snug and has some wiggle room which makes sense why it's leaking, but as i put it back together the way i disassembled it, i cannot figure out what the problem is. i have tried reseating the gasket and tightening the bolt several times but each time once i open the fuel line the cup begins to leak again from that same spot.

    how do i fix the leak and get the engine running again?

  2. I did what you showed on the video…. still didn't run. Problem was that the carb jet was completely plugged. Removed carb jet (which was simly a mater of unscrewing it (okay, mine was a honda motor… don't know if Tecumseh is as easy), and found a SOLID plug in the orifice. Put it in an ultrasonic cleaner to clean it out afer several shots of carb cleaner didn't work in a short while. Cleaned out the ethanol gunk elsewhere as you show, reassembled ,and the engine started on the second pull.

    Thanks for this.

  3. That's a Tecumseh engine. Basic carb kit is #631021. More advanced kit with all the welch plugs that you don't want to get into is…

  4. Thank you!! Because of this video I was able to get my craftsman 4.5 Hp Eager 1 Lawnmower working in under 2 hours. I was pulling and pulling and nothin'. Left gas in all winter and there was no oil left in the engine. Went to C.T. and picked up some motomaster 4 stroke lawn mower oil, a new spark plug and a new air filter. 20 bucks later and with the help of your tutorial and a 3 yr old can of carb cleaner the mower started on 1 pull! Never did that all last season. You're awesome

  5. minute 1:54….. talk about that wire that u did not remove from the carb….my issue is that i did remove my wire from the carb not knowing that there was more than 1 holes. now i am not sure which one is the correct one to reinstall. thx in advance

  6. Gasoline will turn to varnish over the winter when the mower is not in use and gunk up the carburetor so the mower wont't start. You don't want that to happen so just run the gas out of it before storing it for the winter. Or just start it up periodically.

  7. Small engines pollute the air and carb cleaner is bad for the insects. Next time use a bunch of goats to graze on your front yard. : )

  8. You missed a spot at the end lol.

    Seriously, I like your technique of not blasting out the jets and ports with compressed air. I hadn't considered how those teensy gaskets could be destroyed. It's probably safer to use fine wire or a paper clip.

  9. Boy, the lawnmower fix it shops must hate these You Tube videos. Big loss of business.
    Seriously though, do the following:
    Store fuel no longer than 30'days, and put a five dollar fuel filter on your machine. Done!

    Nice video, thanks for helping people!

  10. Not necessary – just remove the air filter and with the engine running spray in some seafoam or any carb cleaner – do it half a dozen times and on the last time use enough to stall out the engine – let it sit stalled out for 10 mins, give it another spray then restart it until all of the gunk burns out. Refit the air filter and you shoudl be good – if not repeat

  11. you know how you said remember how that spring and little bar were assembled or take a picture? well I didnt… how can I find how it's supposed to go. your video is the only one I've found with the same carb PLEASE HELP

  12. This video was very well done. I thought I was going to need to buy a rebuild kit, but I followed the example given in the video, and it worked.

  13. thanks so much,i got a masport self propelled lawnmower for free because it wouldnt start. i cleaned the carb and it started on first pull!

  14. very well explained video. My lawn mover starts but back fires and stops. I will deal with it tomorrow, thanks for explaining how to DIY.

  15. my lawn mower sat out in the rain for 2 weeks did everything you did but drained the tank and put a new plug in and It ran brand new thanks bub

  16. can you give the model number of this mower… mine is exact same my model number is faded and i need model number for parts, my manual was not included when i got it 2nd hand. Thx

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