32 thoughts on “HOW TO Clean & Rebuild Tecumseh Snowblower Carburetor PART 2 OF 4

  1. Thanks alot you just saved me alot of money i just fixed my snowblower the bottom screw hole was plugged bad. That little hole is important!! after fixing it and primed it it fired right up. Thanks again

  2. Perfect ! I bought a used Toro 5/21 last year. It had a carb job done on it already. When I started it up last week it would only run with half choke. It wouldn't throw snow, it just stalled out. I watched this video and decided to buy a carb kit for $15.00 because tomorrow is Christmas Eve, so I can't get parts 'til next week. I replaced just the bolt with the needle because that tiny hole was plugged from last years old gas. It started up and with minor adjustment to bottom screw it's 100 % !

  3. I used a small crochet hook to pull out the old float valve seat. I am replacing it so I did not care about damage, but the hook did not seem to cause any damage.

  4. Thanks. My 4.5HP Tecumseh wasn't starting or running well. I didn't do everything in your video. I was able to remove the bowl clean it up, clean the float, clean the main bolt and the little holes.
    I had a second problem. The end of the spark plug that attaches to the cable was rusted. I replaced the spark plug and cleaned up the boot with a little sand paper. It's working well now. Thanks for saving my back and my wallet. This summer I can get the mower and weed wacker working better.

  5. Love your vids keep em comin and good job!! i am starting my own small engine repair business and i would love to see a walkthrough of your shop. How ya have it laid out and so forth! that would be cool thanks again!

  6. Thank you for this Vid. Winters coming and I know I'm going to need to do this on my Snow Blower (I never drained the gas).

  7. How come you did not remove the welch plugs? the ports behind them are for the low idle and if your engine is surging or will only run wide open or with the choke partly on then these ports must be cleaned.
    just my 2c worth ,

  8. iv cleaned out the whole carb on mine and it still wont run unless you spray starter fluid it it, it wont even start with the primer. any ideas of what i could do?

  9. Dony , In ur other video .You say you just replace these parts they under $ 10.00 After 7 years On my blower I replace all inner parts .

  10. I have a 12 year old Simplicity snow blower. For the past couple of seasons it hasn’t been running great in spite of having been serviced regularly including a carb cleaning last year. When I opened the carb it became clear that it only got a superficial cleaning at the dealer. Following your excellent and detailed directions I dismantled and thoroughly cleaned everything. I put it back together, adjusted it as you described and it started up right up. It now runs like new.
    Thanks again,

  11. thanks for this video. I rebuilt my Tecumseh 10 hp carb on my chipper shredder. I purchased a carb kit and removed the silver cupped disc above the float (it was rusty), but the replacement cup fits but doesn't stay in place, when I flip the carb over it falls out, so I left it off. engine runs well without it, just wasn't sure of its purpose and whether running without it is bad

  12. Hey Don.  It's been awhile since I've cleaned/rebuilt a Tecumseh carburetor.  Will this tool work on a needle seat for the newer Briggs engines?

  13. Before I take anything apart, and there is no rubber or plastic showing I have always used brake cleaner (Brake Kleen) it is almost instant and rinse with gas or alcohol or a brush with soapy water and rinse wit clear to remove the dirt and brake cleaner, the outside of the part looks almost new. Is this okay to continue my routine or am I going to harm my very dirty external carbs. on well and hard used Troy-Bilt Roto tillers.

  14. Thanks Don ! Looked like the needle seat was brass in my carb, it was just discolored brown. Your video explaining how to remove and replace this little needle seat led me to figure out what that part in my rebuild kit was. I had installed an in line shut off valve because of the carb leaking gas and an in line filter, now I'll keep the in line filter and the valve but really don't need the valve. };-)

  15. Thank you soo much don, you helped me fix my moms snowblower. She was about to sell it for 50$ now we<ll be able to sell it for at least 250 😉 Merci beaucoup

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