How To Clean The Carburetor On A Push Mower (New Plastic Style Briggs Carb)

In “You Never Know When It’s Gonna Snow”, Taryl and Junior are stressed out dealing with the spring rush amidst local time wasters and impractical customers looking to get their snowblower fixed in June. After the intro and before the ending, Taryl goes over the new style Briggs & Stratton plastic carburetors common on new push mowers. Another funny yet informative how-to video from Grass Rats Garage! And as the old saying goes, “You Never Know When It’s Gonna Snow”! Now There’s Your Dinner!!

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33 thoughts on “How To Clean The Carburetor On A Push Mower (New Plastic Style Briggs Carb)

  1. Mine still wont start and ive rebuilt the carb exactly like you showed. I put a new plug, fresh gas, new air filter, and it IS getting spark. Its a red hyper tough 20 inch mower and the carburetor looks exactly like the second push mower you showed here. I guess I'm going to buy the replacement carburetor for 20 bucks if that doesn't fix its getting sold lol

  2. Plated needle? Surely they could have just used something else not plated. I guess they need to guarantee that it will break. What some people do sadly enough is throw things like this away because they don't know what to do. I guess if it has a plastic carburetor they look at them as disposable. It is just another way to cut manufacturing costs and it does nothing for us at all other than cause misery.

  3. Thank you for the help. My lawnmower would not start but after I cleaned it like you showed it ran. Thank you for your time to make this.

  4. This video saved my bacon today! Also, thank you for being very thorough with your explanations. I never had anyone teach me any of this stuff and have to rely on YouTube videos to figure things out. I'll be visiting your merch store as soon as I can to show some support!

  5. 👍Good Stuff. After the carb cartridge orifice clogged up twice, I opened it up a bit & never had another issue. (HVAC-R commercial grade, tri- edge cutting orifice reamers)
    Thx guys✌️

  6. I'm definitely the guy who asks how long it will take ….during peak season! Always takes 2-4 weeks to sharpen my hedge trimmer. Thanks for the video. That was great

  7. I have 3 husqvarna 21 inch mowers with Honda engines… I've used them for lite commercial work ive had them now 3 seasons they all still run great ! I had someone this year bend the shaft in one of em but it still runs lol..I need to try and fix it! I've watched the video where you fix a bent shaft but I have not tried it yet lol…anyway keep that oil changed and them things will last longer than you think! Thanks for your videos! I honestly think you have one of the most entertaining and educational channels on YouTube!

  8. Fixed my lawnmower EASILY with this video! Was intimidated about messing with the carburetor. You gave me the information and confidence I needed. Thank you! Subbed!!!!

  9. When you pop the ball out and clean the main jet, my jet was blocked and it looked like it had another ball inside the jet on the backside. I couldn’t get anything through it. Should it be there? It’s the same exact part you had.

  10. U can use a stripped bread tie if y'all ain't got torch cleaners. Its worked 2 yrs for me! Great video, I'm glad I found it cause I didn't have money to take it to anybody and dang sure wasn't paying to have grass cut with a year old mower in the garage!

  11. I have a problem with the bar coming from the exhaust keeping the choke open…… lawn mower starts then dies shortly after.

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