20 thoughts on “How to convert a Briggs&Stratton engine to electronic ignition

  1. History of the Magnetron electronic ignition:
    When originally introduced in August 1981 it was at first available for these particular engine lines:
    Model Series 62030 "Sno/Gard" 2-Cycle Engine
    All 92900, 93500, 110900 and 113900 series engines with "System 4" 6V electric starter (92907, 92987, 93507, 93587, 110907, 110987)
    All Industrial/Commercial (I/C) engine lines (model series 81230, 131230, 131430, 131920, 195430 and 221430; and cast-iron model series 233430, 243430 and 326430)
    All twin-cylinder engine lines (model series 401410, 401700, 402410, 402700, 421410, 421700, 422430 and 422700)

    NOTE 1: This will not work on any engine built before December 31, 1962 (code 6212310).

    NOTE 2: For cast-iron engines (model series 233400, 243430 and 326430; and former model series 19D, 23C, 23D, 193400, 200400, 300420, 301430, 302430, 320420 and 325430) built prior to August 1, 1981 (at code 8107310 or earlier) the original flywheel must be sent directly to B&S for repolarization to accept the Magnetron. Note further this will not apply to former models 19, 23, 23A, 191400 and 193400 as these were all built with the magneto underneath the flywheel.

  2. Anyone else deciding to do this just cut the old wires from the old coil going to the points and that's it, no fuss, no fly wheel removal, done. The only wire going to the new coil is for the engine cut off.

  3. I just did this conversion on a 1964 Toro Sportlawn with a 2hp briggs. It worked great. FYI, a brand new coil is only $25. So it's well worth it. I would put a note of that in your video….that $50 number probably scares people.

  4. Another option is shit can the cantankerous antique Briggs. side valve POS and buy a Harbor Freight "Preditor" overhead valve engine. $90. up. Been there, done that on my
    pressure washer. Chinese, and poorly balanced, but much better.

  5. This was an excellent video. I had never worked on a small engine with a point setup like this before and my snow blower has one. I couldn't even figure out how to get the flywheel off until I watched this. Thank you.

  6. I have been Struggling to remove the starter clutch for some time now and didn't think that it would screw off, thank you kind sir for this valuable information, NOW I CAN GET TO THE DAMN POINTS!!!

  7. Best to put the screws back into the clutch after removing the screen so the cover doesn't come off. All the balls come out and what a PITA to re-assemble. Not to mention with the screw in the hole can't collapse as you're hammering on it.

  8. It's a waste of time to remove the old points & condenser, just cut the wire going to the condenser and install the electronic ignition coil.

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