How To Cut Grass with a Broke Arm – Complete Cut Edge Trim and Blow

How to cut grass with a broke arm. From Lawn Mowers Cutting Grass to Free How To Fix videos along with detailed Pressure Wash / House Wash Advice. I help you grow your #SideHustle Business. Click on “Show More” for awesome links to the products I use in my videos. Please LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE!
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28 thoughts on “How To Cut Grass with a Broke Arm – Complete Cut Edge Trim and Blow

  1. I think every democrat in congress should be required to watch this video. And especially before they want to pass some more entitlement program. Great job Dan.

  2. it's actually not that hard weedeating, edging or cuting with one hand, I do it at work all the time,and l work for the city doing that on medians

  3. Great Dan; brilliant. HOWEVER, I have one comment: It would certainly have made a better impression, given YOUR intent, to have done it all with your LEFT hand. Hmmm, food for thought, huh?
    PS. Caps have been used as italics.
    Thank you.

  4. Dan, loved this vid. I lost my left arm 9 yrs. ago this month. Just Started mowing as a business last yr. I own a Toro Time Cutter 42 2 blade. Trimming wears the arm out, and back. I'm pretty wore out in general. lol But I have been thinking bout buying a edger like that. I also been looking at trimmers. I used to sell mowers and trimmers before the wreck. I sold Redmax. I've personally always just had mtd or the equiv. for trimming. I own two snapper/murray ones now. Could be better, but when I tried the echo and others, they were just to heavy one armed. Anyways, liked seeing someone else do it the way I do it. Sorry bout your wrist.

  5. Man……the whole video I was thinking, this guy must be severe accident prone…broken wrist, poked out eye, yada yada………then, yep ……ya got me…..great video Dan keep em coming!

  6. Hey Dan …. I love the look you gave the camera when you straddled the blower to get it started ….. just 1 bit of advice … when you yank on the cord and it puts a smile on your face then your your yanking on the wrong cord.
    Seriously tho I love your vlogs; keep em coming… stay healthy!

  7. good video Dan . you done goid bud. hate to hear you broke your wrist. I hate to see anybody have to adapt to the way i have to do things in daily life. Due to a mild case of CP ( Cerebral palsy) on my left side I do most things including cut & trim yards with one good arm & hand on my right side & a bummed up left side. nothing I'm not used to though. been doing it that way 41years I grew up in the excavation business & on the farm. learned that from dads side of thefamily. & a friend of dads & a friend of mine was in the landscape business & grandfather on moms side cut yards so i learned that business growing up too. So i had to learn how to adapt to operate equipment & drive trucks with a bummed up left side. I can do most anything i want thanks to the Shriner's & 4 surgeries later. Hope you have a speedy recovery.


  8. Daaang, Dan! you got me!  You got me good!!!  I knew it was a hoax, though, only at the very second you said, "There's no faking it.  I kept my arm in the sling the whole time," about nine seconds before the official reveal.  However, either way, real or fake, that's REALLY owning it doing all that LITERALLY "SINGLE HANDEDLY!"  You show those boys out there how it's done.  BTW, I love the moment when you wave at the one guy as if to say, "Yep you'd better believe your eyes.  This dude's gettin' 'er done with one arm in a sling."  Like a boss!!

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