How To Diagnose An Ignition Module Without Any Special Tools

This video is to help anyone diagnose whether or not their “NO SPARK PROBLEM” is due to a bad ignition module or wiring without using any special tools. This video is for engines without points.

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33 thoughts on “How To Diagnose An Ignition Module Without Any Special Tools

  1. Hey Donyboy. You just saved me smashing my mower to pieces with the biggest hammer I could lay my hands on. Really! Sensational tip. Sensational. All running again. Thanks Man !

  2. I spent hours going in circles to just find out the kill wire was not moving far enough to stop grounding out when the safety handle was held what a day thanks this video would have helped allot

  3. Question i have a cub cadet 2166 single cylinder kohler courage.I have replaced the resistor in the wire harness.the pto relay the pto switch the pto itself.The mower will start run great for 1pass or so start too cut out will idle down with no power eventually die altogether will start up idle a few times then wont start at all.Help!!!!

  4. Donny I have a lawn boy that does not run at the proper RPM enough to cut grass the ignition module and plug have been changed it will speed up if you move governor by hand it’s a silver series model # 10201 serial number 4915246 any ideas for a fix love your videos thank you Dan Farge

  5. Your videos are always to the point, have great tips, simple to apply and understand, don't have special effects, crappy music, or poor sound/video…you'll never get your own tv show like you deserve because you save people too much money..damn

  6. When I was a kid I had two lawnboy riders that you would attach a push mower to the front of them. They are the only two I have ever seen. I do remember they would go almost anywhere. Engine had a big aluminum flywheel on it and you would change the position of that on a rubber wheel for different speeds an reverse.

  7. I have a lawnboy that looses spark once in a wile and if I pull the plug and put a drill on the crank and spin it over I get spark back and she good for another few hours of mowing again.

  8. My lawn boy wont turn on my ignition module makes a spark on the spark plug would I have to go thru this test to see if the ignition has anything to do that won't make it start. Or would it be something else. Also would it be that my spark plug could be dirty?

  9. Hi donyboy73!!! I test started my old Briggs 3.5hp lawn mower engine after winter, and i had to pull it 9-10 times before it started.
    What do you think, weak spark, problems with ignition module or points, or is it something i can fix by changing the spark plug?
    I must say, that once it starts, it runs perfectly.

  10. Hi bro i have a question my two-stroke brush cutter hard to crank by pulling rope ,if I remove sparkplug i pulling rope is easy ,some pressure creat in chamber
    How to rectify please help me

  11. Nice troubleshooting tip. I the interest of "failure analysis", what caused the air gap to widen? I'll presume the engine was previously running satisfactorily. Thanking you in advance. Robert

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