How To Diagnose & Repair A Generator With No Spark – Ignition Module Replacement

In this video I show you how to quickly diagnose and repair a generator with no spark at the spark plug without any special tools. Always try a new spark plug first, I had done that but forgot to video tape it.

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34 thoughts on “How To Diagnose & Repair A Generator With No Spark – Ignition Module Replacement

  1. Yes I did tks om. Just got new module Fer my tail gator which displayed a no go condition on the hi side of coil that is to say that it didn't connect to ground some where in the unit. Buy extra units as the local parts stores got snooty when I said Chinese generator tks agn om

  2. I got a used Coleman Powermate (2005) 7000 watt Generator with an LCT engine that looks almost exactly like this one. Does it have a solenoid valve on the bottom of the carburator? I got a new carburator and the previous owner chopped the positive wire off the old carburator so I don't know where it plugs in…. Ugh!

  3. Hello how are you
    I bought a powerwise 3500 generator and I live out in the mountains in Humboldt county and I really need this generator to work but it won't start and I'm not a mechanic by any means so could you please tell me how to contact you and maybe you can guide me

  4. It is good video. I tried this steps to my Generac power washer. I do see spark. I have opened Carburetor and cleaned thoroughly with Carb cleaner. I have even clean all Jets small holes with staple. I am still having issue with turning on my power washer. Any suggestion? i have 2800 PSI Generac power washer. Oh! i have cleaned fuel tank too.

  5. Hey dony when you install the coil,goes on top of the magnets or doesn't have to.that's my question I hope you can help me with that ok.thanks and I love your videos.take care your self.

  6. Thanks for the video. Following your steps, I was able to get my Troy-Bilt 3550 watt genny with a Briggs & Stratton engine running again, although my coil was still good. The thickness of the business card was apparently too much. On a hunch, I tried setting the gap with the fine sandpaper that I used to clean the rust off the magnet and coil. Reassembled and it fired right up. Thanks again!

  7. Hey man, your a god send, I've just changed the ignition coil on my generator, reassembled it but it wouldn't start, I didn't know there needed to be a certain gap between the coil and the flywheel, I nearly threw the damn thing away, but I'm now gonna try again with your advice… Thanks a million buddy and good day to you from England πŸ™‚

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