How-To: Disconnect Your Low Oil Sensor

If you have filled your generator with fuel and oil and it still will not start or run, a possible solution is to temporarily disconnect your low oil sensor. Once the generator has warmed up, don’t forgot to reconnect the sensor. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to complete this process.

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14 thoughts on “How-To: Disconnect Your Low Oil Sensor

  1. Hello. I have a predator 3500 from harbor freight and I already changed the oil, it has a good level but the low oil level sensor is still on. I don't find in the manual how to disconnect but I'd like to send you a picture and maybe you can advise me?

  2. I'm working on this exact same unit at the moment but it's well used and I can't find the model number anywhere to do a proper parts look up could you tell me what the model number is for this unit?

  3. I have problem, my friend has powermate 5000s genrator and he connect + and – wrong, red wire on – and black wire on +, and it worked normally until normal shutdown, after that we we're unable to turn on genrator, When I looked what is wrong I saw he put those wires wrong and I connected them correctly, and then that light bulb for low oil switched ON, we put some oil in the engine and still that light bulb is ON, so what do you think is generator broken now because of wrong polarity or it is still just low oil and we need to add some more 😂😂, it's dark now probably I'll try everything tomorrow but i love to ask 😂…

  4. Dear Friends:
    We have noticed that in the display board of the generator (7.5 KV), the following message is appearing: “Oil pres Lock Out.” The generator is not starting.

    Model: KKS08 AMF

    Please suggest. Thank you.

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