How To Do A Valve Job On A Small Engine with Taryl

In “Taryl and Jr Collect”, Taryl shows you how to properly do a Valve Job on a small engine after going out to collect on a missed payment from a customer. Check out the video above for the full story! Now There’s Your Dinner!!

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22 thoughts on “How To Do A Valve Job On A Small Engine with Taryl

  1. hay taryl garage in town owner had a grinder to hang on jurnel and grind in place crank leav engine in car elec motor to flyweel to rotate crank slowly while you try to get to next bearing size . Im gonna have to call his kid to see if he still has it ! belongs in muiseum !

  2. The teeth are funny, but it does get old you make great videos and half the time it's hard to understand you, maybe cut it down to half the video and take them out for important stuff? just my 2cents, but my 2cents dont matter, its your channel.

  3. I have to find out why didn't think I was very confident to that resource at the beginning of the video.

    My 3.5 HP Briggs engine just needs a valve relap,a compression test showed a reading of 100 PSI of compression but it idles a bit rough even after the carby has been cleaned out.

    I did a wet test with mineral turpentine & they both leaked like this :-

  4. Hi Taryl I have a Club Cadet 1500 series 1517 model 1998 I watched how you changed a drive  belt . I had a hard time getting off the second pulley . Finnally I had success. I checked with a Cadet dealer and he told me  not to bend the three tabs that keeps the pulley belt on. I was instructed to not bend the three tabs but take off the 4 bolts that hold the engine in place. , than attach belt and replace clutch drive pulley. Thanks Teradon Rick

  5. hey Taryl I have an ohv honda and I want to find out if I have problems with the valves or possibly a bent valve,are their ways to check without pulling it all apart?

  6. Taryl I have a question. If a bolt or screw is stripped or if the places where that bolt or screw go need to be chased how can one know what tap or die to use?

  7. I broke the intake value  messing around with the government.  I'm paying for everything before I leave. Thanks for the show. laugh my head off at the beginning  hahaha Thanks

  8. I have to say, almost flew buy this site figuring it was just another fool looking for laughs… But gotta say, you're pretty damn good… both as a mechanic and the comedy act. Thumbs up bro!

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