HOW TO Easily Start Your Generator (Chinese Honda Clone) After Many Months In Storage

Having problems starting your chinese generator after many months in storage? This video shows you HOW TO Start Up Your Chinese Generator After Many Months In Storage. ALSO TIPS FOR STORING IT.
This is a Honda clone engine so same procedure can be applied to a Honda as well.



39 thoughts on “HOW TO Easily Start Your Generator (Chinese Honda Clone) After Many Months In Storage

  1. I try to start my emergency generator, and my secondary generator, once a month. Also shut off the fuel and let the carb run out. Squirt of gas stabilizer in the tank. Never had a problem starting either generator.

  2. I add gas stabilizer when i get the gas from the pump. And my moped starts in one kick even after sitting for almost a year. But i dont turn the fuel valve off.

  3. I wouldn't use WD-40 in a carb I would spend the 10 minutes and the 10 bucks and have a can of carb cleaner, starting fluid and wd on hand so your covered for all 3 thing's.

  4. Hi, few things, can I use Wd-40 spray instead, as that is available easy here.
    Now the issue. My generator was working fine till few days back, as here lights goes out on daily basis, and I didn't needed to start it till yesterday.
    As it rained and the generator got soaked, we kept it in dry place till it dry up for few hours. And when I tried to start, it make a click sound n won't start with battery, so I tried pull the start up cord. But the cord wouldn't get pull out, get struck after pulling little bit. I even tried jump starting it with another battery but didn't worked. Only made a click sound when turn the switch.
    I have fuel n pulled full choked. Will this method work or I have something else serious.
    Help need!

  5. I was having trouble starting my generac 5500 after two years of not being started, it has 10 hrs on it so it's still like new. I figured I'd have yo take the carb apart and clean it until I saw your video and duh, it was like duh, it took three attempts but on the third it cranked right up. Thank you you saved me time and probably money cause I'd have gotten my mechanic to do it probably because I am always too busy but this was easy, thanks again

  6. I will be receiving a Chinese import 3 phase generator powered by a clone Honda GX390 engine in a few weeks, but after seeing a few youtubers vids on Chinese assembled engines i dont know whether to strip down the engine before i start it up and attempt to do a rebuild myself. Has anyone had a poorly assembled engine from China, or am i just being over cautious, any advice would be welcome. 
    Nice day to all of you, thanks for taking the time to read.

  7. Don,
    I have a 3000watt Chinese generator that has been working with no problems. Last month I went to pull the starter cord and it would not pull.  I took it off the generator and it pulled fine. Put it back on and it won't move.  It's like there's a brake keeping it from moving.  Can you tell me what is going on?  Thank you
    Jim from Pa.

  8. Good Video and Audio..and thanks for the CC on the part where the mic dropped out..On my way to the auto parts store to get some of that spray.

  9. Wow!! That would be great!! Mine broke one of the brushes in the generator. I took it apart a year ago and just now found new set for it. Now that I'm ready to finally get it going again, I don't remember those green wires or where they hook up or if they hook to anything. I really like this gen. It was powerful, quiet and reliable until the brush broke.

  10. Do you still have this generator? I have one just like it. The problem with mine is there are 2 green wires under the gen cover (other end from the starter rope) that seem to go nowhere. Does yours have 2 green wires under the cover? Do they hook to anything or they just sitting there not connected?

  11. Hi, Do you have a video showing the inner and outer workings of the governor on a Honda clone? I very much enjoy your videos and keep up the good work!!

  12. To start a lawnmower or rototiller motor I use carb cleaner. Just a very small puff on the air filter and the motor starts on the first pull without smoke coming out of the exhaust even after sitting over the winter.

  13. Hello Donny: I just bought me a Honda Max Generator 3650-4550 watt.It is being delivered to me and i can wait to use it for the various projects i'll be using it for.
    Watching your videos on YouTube, has been a huge blessing because you have taught me so much on these 4 cycle engines and how to maintain them for long term use, i just want to thank you personally for these lessons. If I ever take a trip to Canada, in the near future i look you up to say hello. Your friend Ray from Missouri.

  14. My generator looks a little different but the carb looks exactly like yours. It surges after warming and restarts only on choke. I have been told it surges likely due to running too lean. Which screw on the carb in the video can I tighten/loosen to see if it's too lean?

  15. Wow thanks i had a prob starting my moms today but the gas was on and i turned it off it has the same shut off as this guys and its all rusted so i cant see it

  16. Hey, Like your vids. very much and have learned a lot. Thanks! I have a powercraft 1000 watt. It has the same throttle set up as this gen. I think? anyway it starts on the first pull but then runs wide open for about 30 sec. and then stops. before it would run perfectly and pulsate. I when I took it out to use this time the shaft the is located inside the spring had come loose I put it back in but know I have the problem. can you help?

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