How to find ignition timing on small engines

This video is a step by step process on how to verify ignition timing on small single cylinder engines. The calculation at the end of the video that shows the distance of ignition degrees is correct for 2 strokes but will need to be doubled for 4-stroke engines. 4-stroke small engines fire a wasted spark on the exhaust stroke while 2 stroke fire every stroke.




14 thoughts on “How to find ignition timing on small engines

  1. I have a GX390 this thing rips my finger every time I try to pull the start cord, I open the crankcase every dot on the gear mash perfect, I set the valve.0.15 in and 0.20 ex, steel kick back, any Idea?

  2. I don't understand what you are doing with the timing light and making the mark on the case, I can't see how you know where to put the mark or what you look for, I couldn't see anything that would indicate where to put that mark.

  3. I need help positioning a new coil. I have an old Nelson Brothers 1-1/2 hp engine and I would like to convert it to an electronic ignition. I'm going to remove the old flywheel, coils and points and install a new flywheel with OD magnet and electronic coil. I need help where to place the coil at piston TDC to get the timing spark correct. Thanks in advance for your help. JimRoy

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