How To Find Out The Age Of Your Briggs and Stratton Engine – Video

Have you ever wondered how old your engine is? I will show you a fast and simple way to determine what year your Briggs and Stratton engine was manufactured. I also give you a couple tips and tricks on how to read the numbers more clearly!

This video describes how to decipher the numbers stamped or embossed on the sheet metal cover or plate on a Briggs and Stratton engine.

Your engine’s code number indicates the exact date it was manufactured as well as your model number and type. Knowing your model number, type and date code will make it easier to order parts or tune up kits.

For engines manufactured before 1965, you’re out of luck. The tracking system used with the Code Number was not implemented until 1965. Maybe its time for a new engine.

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30 thoughts on “How To Find Out The Age Of Your Briggs and Stratton Engine – Video

  1. You was in kindergarten in 76? Wow so you must be from 71 or 72….no disrespect but you look rough for your age, slow down on the beer brother. We want to see more videos for years to come

  2. Got what looks to be a 3.5hp from 70. Completely stuck, filled with spiders.. gas tank destroyed. Complete rebuild, might go for more power since so much needs replaced… mabye convert it to a vertical shaft go kart engine? Idk… hard to decide because of the age.

  3. Steve,
    I just finished watching the video on how tell how old your B&S engine is. I have an old Economy tractor from the sixties. Here is the numbers off of it : 23C-FB. 707520 20983. I am unable to locate a coil/magneto for it . …any suggestions? Thanks Mike

  4. How do i match up a replacement engine which numbers have to correspond with the numbers on my machine also what is the difference between a red top and black top engine

    can you or anyone advise ?? Thanks

  5. 10 thumbs up for this video.I have an Old rusted-out Dixie chopper that I'm trying to find the year of and there is no ID on it. After watching your video I can tell it's a 1996.

  6. Just picked up a lawn master with a briggs n straton the date code is 1967 wow im shocked at the condition. Im gonna upload a video. Not sure if it runs but i think with alittle work we can revive her

  7. What if you don’t have a blower housing ? There are no numbers on the block that I can see ! Numbers on the crankshaft don’t bring anything up either !

  8. I have a 2hp b&s with no number because the recoil cover was replaced I did find a number with letter on the head between the fins 8c is the number does it mean anything my best guess is about the 1960's. Any info from others that might read this also

  9. And the next 2 digits are the month the next 2 digits are the day of that month it was manufactured. When asked your age on a form they always want the hole information and when ordering parts the same thing, because many time they have mid year updates. Thanks just had to throw my 2 cents in, now it’s time for that good German Dark Beer 🍺 👍

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