How to Find the Part Number on a Walbro Carburetor

Luis Salas, Program Manager, Walbro Aftermarket Group, answers some common questions about Walbro Carburetors, including how to find the part number on a Walbro Carburetor.



10 thoughts on “How to Find the Part Number on a Walbro Carburetor

  1. Hi Luis, I have a Walbro WYA 71 624 from a Ryobi cultivator. When I research it is no where to be found, however a view of a Walbro WYA-247-1 comes up that looks correct, will this work in its place? Thank-you for any input.

  2. well I did find more numbers but none of them came up on the website. 77 was on one side near the bowl area, the other side was 0675. now what?

  3. on a lot of the carbs i worked on the numbers are very faint, you guys should either put raised numbers and letters or stamp the info model no. and spec no better in my personal opinion to make it easier to facilitate a quick id of the carb in question.

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