How to Find Top Dead Center on a Four Stroke

To set initial timing, you need to find top dead center. This Velocity Stack shows you how!

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24 thoughts on “How to Find Top Dead Center on a Four Stroke

  1. So Piston number one needs to be at the very top (ready to combust from the spark and gas)…pushing it downwards when starting the engine…..but what position does the intake valve need to be at (just as it closes or just before it reopens?) Reason i ask is i would think the exhaust would need to be just about open for the explosion to go out of….maybe im overthinking it

  2. I was 180 out until I seen this clip. Once I followed his steps , my c10 started up. Saved me $400 . Apparently there the going rate for a mobile mechanic to come out .

  3. Question i am installing new timing chain…when crankshaft and camshaft gear marks are lined up( crank mark 12 oclock,cam mark at 6 oclock) … Is that also top dead center on compression stroke? i need to install my distributor correctly on my chevy 4.3..just want to make sure… Also if distributor is put in wrong can motor still run?? i ask because i may be off by one gear or 180 degrees…. engine ran horrible thanks

  4. What if you timing chain jumped and you have a jeep single coil pack best video ive seen on this though short and sweet

  5. I had this in mind .I thought 💭 about doing this but my thoughts never matirialized .Im so thankful
    Seeing it perfected .Right On.

  6. Velocity, you are great. Your video helped me to achieve the actual cam timing even on my 68 fiat 1100 and it worked just perfect. Request for more helpful videos like this.

  7. This Man has the correct way to find top dead center on a chevy 350 and I cannot stop watching this video it has taken me 3 or more years to find out the truth.
    I can't express how grateful I am for the truth. I'm overwhelmed with happiness. Thank God for you young Man.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year

  8. Great video. I'm a rookie needin to do valve seals on my chevy 350 and this is approximately the tenth video I've watched trying to find out how to get the cylinders at TDC. 👍👍👍 Awesome 👌
    And wish me luck ✌

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