How To Fit Lawnmower Governor Springs (Briggs And Stratton)

In this video, I show where the governor springs fit on a Briggs and Stratton petrol lawnmower.

I show how to replace the primer bulb and carry out a full service including setting the ignition coil and cleaning the kill switch plus much more.

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14 thoughts on “How To Fit Lawnmower Governor Springs (Briggs And Stratton)

  1. Hey man i got given a sp550 mountfield 6hp came with one governor looks over stretched not letting the throttle body go back into place (butterfly staying open other wise) do you have any advice if it needs to springs and where they would be mounted cheers man

  2. I've got a victor 550 EX Briggs and Stratton.Easy start.Plastic carby.Its been chugging a lot and back firing every now and then.Can you help.Thank you.

  3. Those springs look complicated and a bit tricky to replace and get them hooked up properly. You simplified it as much as possible. Thanks for helping. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Paul, have watched lots and lots of your videos and they are amazing. I am going to try and repair my very first lawnmore…….. but i have run into troble. It is a B&S 450 series 148cc – Qualcast 46sp and the belt cover underneath is broken (they hit a rock!!). I cant seem to find where to get the spare part for this. I have searched for 3 hours online and cant fid anything. Can you help please??

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