How to FIX a BRIGGS and STRATTON INTEK SIDE SHAFT Engine (Rototiller, Pressure Washer) ~ WON'T START

A BRIGGS and STRATTON INTEK Engine 6.5 horsepower. SIDE SHAFT MODEL on a Craftsman ROTOTILLER (Same as on Pressure Washer , Generator , Minibike , Scooter , Go Kart cart). Tiller has been sitting OUTSIDE for too long in STORAGE. What’s wrong? WILL NOT Start or Run. COMMON PROBLEM FIXED! WATCH the Fuel system and CARBURETOR get Cleaned and Rebuilt and fixed. How to Rebuild and Repair a dirty Carburetor Diagnose and Troubleshoot. Choke test and inspection gas leak leaking petrol lines replaced. Hard starting. Won’t work Wont stay running or runs with choke on only. Check for problems. Craftsman Toro Troy-bilt Generac powermate
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26 thoughts on “How to FIX a BRIGGS and STRATTON INTEK SIDE SHAFT Engine (Rototiller, Pressure Washer) ~ WON'T START

  1. …Craftsman didn't make fact, they have never actually made anything..contract produced by AYP(now Husqvarna/Electroluxe owned)….and yes, transmissions are junk..on the Craftsman's, Husqvarna versions, Rally, and all the other brands they made these for…

  2. Hi Jeff, nice video that was cool you were holding the running engine in the air sounds like me : ) , i just bought this same exact tiller and it has been sitting outside and the wheels wont turn on the shafts , got any ideas on how to free them up ? Thanks and hope you have a great day !! Keep up the great video making too !

  3. Man my neighbor just gave me this exact tiller..has been setting for 10 years with old looks showroom condition but wont start..i seafoamed the fuel and carb for a hour..still wont start..tomorrow im going digging at those 3 holes..thanks alot..also my part # 591299 doesnt give me much there another part that will work for this thing

  4. Excellent instructional video !! This is exactly the motor I have on my tiller. Mine will only start with starting fluid, but will not continue to run. Your photography is very well done and helpful, especially in showing the tips and intricacies with the small orifices. I will be dismantling & rebuilding my carburetor tomorrow. Thank you so much for all the information & good tips !!!

  5. I have this tiller. I bought it 21 years ago. I had to replace a leaking fuel line this summer, and the fuel hose connector. Now it won't start. I have a carburetor kit on the way. I've cleaned the carburetor before, but I'm sure I need to replace the seals this time. Your video was very helpful. I didn't know those three holes were there. I'll make sure to clean them out this weekend. Thank you.

  6. Great Job on the production of your video and info. Northjetty Productions.
    My motor runs for about a minute and quits like runs out of gas, restarts and again stall. any thoughts ?

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