How To Fix A Briggs and Stratton Pulsa Jet Carburetor with Taryl

In “Taryl Wrestles A Pulsa Jet Carburetor”, Taryl will show you the proper way to get a Pulsa Jet Carburetor running. From cleaning the tank to replacing the brass pick up tube, Taryl shows you how! There’s a quik tip at the end so be sure to watch the whole video!!! Now There’s Your Dinner!

**Note: This video has been updated from the original posting in 2014 and re-posted for information accuracy.

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41 thoughts on “How To Fix A Briggs and Stratton Pulsa Jet Carburetor with Taryl

  1. hey Taryl I got one of these on an old generator and it has foam like in the tank, I'm guessing for baffling? it's got me baffled
    kinda seems like it's coming a part, is it ok to remove that stuff?
    I'd seen another similar generator and I don't think it had that stuff in there.

  2. I cleaned the rust out of my tank with vinegar (cider type). Let it sit for 2 days then dumped it out and flushed with water, poured in 1500 BBs and shook it around for a while. Dumped out the BBs and used compressed air to blow out the tank. Clean as a whistle and there was some serious rust and dirt in there as it had been sitting for 5 years. Now I have 4 pinholes to contend with so I mixed up some steel JB Weld and covered both inside and outside of the holes. Let it sit for 2 days and filled the tank. No gasoline leaks and the motor runs fine. BTW, I suggest using non-alcohol gasoline. Gasoline with ethanol attracts moisture and you end up with water in your tank which will rust it.

  3. You can also use a small piece of fuel line, with an end filter. Just slip fuel line over brass tube, and slip end filter on tubing. Real simple.

  4. Great video! Just what I needed, as my older, similar pulsa-jet carb off a 5PH Briggs needs new pickup tubes. Great ideas on how to refabricate these tubes! Thank you very much!

  5. my 5hp briggs has a carb like that but it has a pull choke can I use the carb like in the video instead of the pull choke one. a 397135 to replace the 299437 carb.

  6. πŸ‘Good infoπŸ‘πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
    My carburetor bolt (bottom) has stripped the hole in the engine.
    What is the best way to repair the engine stripped bolt hole? Think it’s a 5 hp tecumceh. On a 2006 LawnBoy Sens a speed push mowerπŸ‘

  7. Taryl I just picked up a chipper with the same 5hp B&S but the pull cord or flywheel were frozen. When i drained the oil and gas tank it looked like it had been sitting at at the bottom of a lake for a while. Surprisingly I hit the the thang with some WD and fresh oil overnight and wouldnt you know it started! I have to rebuild the carb and clean the tank out real good tho since it only starts with starter fluid.

  8. Great video!
    I too have an older Briggs for a mini bike with this type of carb/tank setup. I like the pickup tube fix idea…

  9. Is Krazy Glue really that good ? Which is better Krazy Glue or Seal All which can be found at Dollar General. I have the same cracked pickup tube. It's a hairline crack almost the length of the brass tube. Which glue should I use ? Krazy Glue or Seal-All glue ?

  10. Taryl I have a Craftsman Reel Mower with that carb an has always ran rich.Coil checks out.Clean carb w/new pump an all new gaskets.Anything you can tell me to look for to solve it,thanks Gene.

  11. Have you ever tried electrolysis ? There are a bunch of videos that show you how here on YT. I tried it with a Briggs 5 hp tank. And it came out good an clean. It was rusted up, bad. I was going to just replace the tank. But after 3 months of searching I could not find a good one. The local shop wanted $125 for a new one, Just for the tank.

  12. Thats the shit thanks taryl iam down under in oz (australia) watch your vids ,love them this must be the best video on this carbi rebuild.will give it a wirl and see what happens .

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