How To Fix A Briggs and Stratton V-Twin Intek Engine That Is Running Badly (Bent Push Rod)

In “Taryl Meets One-Eyed Willie”, Taryl keeps encountering an accident prone customer that works on his own equipment. After the intro and before the ending Taryl goes over properly fixing a Briggs and Stratton V-Twin Intek engine that’s running rough. It’s only running on one cylinder and dropped a push rod. Taryl goes covers in-depth how to go about fixing this problem as well as doing a valve job and re-setting the governor on this engine. So sit back, laugh your butt off and learn something. Now There’s Your Dinner!!

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45 thoughts on “How To Fix A Briggs and Stratton V-Twin Intek Engine That Is Running Badly (Bent Push Rod)

  1. Them fixed jet carburetors are manufactured idea of saving money there garbage not carburetors 1960 to 1980 carburetors were ok

  2. well Taryl , I consider myself a pretty fart smeller so i'm gonna give it a whirl . got a 24 H iNTEK V-TWIN that is 6 years old and has 49 hours on it , it starts but is rough . oil blowing out of filler tube . I've done the basics maint. stuff . carpenter of 45 years gonna get grease under the fingernails …

  3. You still mushroomed the flywheel shaft a little bit. But I will forgive you fella. You are what they call a MO CAN ICH with nice teeth too.

  4. The company had a bad day and made parts out of tolerance and you got this problem. Also, sometimes the black coating which is dirt can do that too. Experience in the school of hard knocks taught me that. Get your teeth fixed fella teryl.

  5. 220 inch pound = 18 foot pounds..27 foot pounds = 325 inch pounds.. 1 foot pound to 12 inch pounds…my friend who works on marine engines told me this.. also googled it and he was wright.. had to do my sump seal that leaked today….I got a crack case gasket kit …thanku for your one video on doing that..was scared to do it because of that governor….now I'm not scared to do that job thanks to u.

  6. In a few of the machine shops that I worked in the "Hillbilly Machining" was billed as "Light Machining" and the cost was $70 an hour. We would get old cylinders, or any old part in, chuck it up in a lather, grab a box of sandpaper, clean it all up and bill it as light machining.

  7. Hi Taryl, i have a briggs 23hp commercial v twin on my new Ferris zero turn and im starting to hear a knocking noise coming from the crank area (the back of engine) is this normal? i hear sometimes the hydraulic lifters can go bad if it has sat around for a while. It has only done 9 easy hours. Cheers.

  8. The thing with Breaks and Scrap-it is that isn't often the case.  Even things that seem bad are almost always repairable, and parts are easy to get.  Kohler has had so many engineering bombs and misfits (KT Series I, Triad, Courage) that I will never buy anything with their small engines ever again.

  9. been watching your videos for a long time.Ive seen a lot of different people trying to do what you do but baby you are the best. I do small engines here in Napa Calif and you helped me start with your videos many times. I just got my crankshaft straightening jig. A lot of bent cranks lately.Started out in my garage and this thing turned out to be a monster.Bad gas,90 percent of time.I love getting carb spray in my eyeballs and gas soaked clothes.and oh yea dropping something and can't find it.You say here is your dinner I say it eats my lunch.All kidding aside I enjoy doing it and have no problem when they hand me some cabbage.Keep up the great videos and screw the critics.

  10. HELP!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!! I'm stumped. I had the same problem with a push rod that fell into the sump. Took the cover off and replaced the push rod and decided to rebuild the heads.( took them to a shop). I put everything back together, when I started to adjust the valves I noticed it was really hard to turn the crank and I can't turn it a complete 360. Both Pistons will go up and down pretty easy, but it binds really bad when one is all the way up and the other all the way down. Any ideas on why it wont spin all the way around? I didn't remove pistons or cam shaft. would appreciate any help thanks.

  11. You dont like to clean the parts or engines i see. Just do the repair n leave all the grease….your one of those mechanics……no bueno

  12. I enjoy the entertainment value…..but could do without the bubba teeth….and maybe a little more seriousness…..this is what makes people think of small engine mechanics as back woods hillbilly's, or low grade shade tree mechanics…I know I'm going to catch hell for this, but…it is what it is….

  13. Yeah you seem like a real Fun guy the lawnmower shop here in my neighborhood it’s like the guy has a pole stuck up his ass he so stiff and quiet

  14. Stop watching it when you didn't get to the point. I don't know what all that stuff was at the beginning was for. But it's was not needed

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