How To Fix A Briggs V-Twin Intek Engine That Is Popping and Backfiring (Camshaft Replacement)

In “Uncle Andy Is A Genius”, Taryl goes over how to fix a Briggs and Stratton V-Twin Intek engine that is running rough, backfiring, popping and sputterin’. Taryl covers that and more in this video but prior to and after the fix, local customer Uncle Andy suddenly becomes highly intelligent and helps Taryl around the shop until his brainpower wears out, see it all here in another funny and informative how-to video from yur pals at Grass Rats Garage!! Now There’s Your Dinner!!

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42 thoughts on “How To Fix A Briggs V-Twin Intek Engine That Is Popping and Backfiring (Camshaft Replacement)

  1. Nice, nice and very nice overall presentation mr. T and you're Merry Men of jocularity counterparts.

    If watch a few of your episodes and found them humorous also very instructional with Diagnostics in such.

    Finally, I don't mean to be rude but where did you get those teeth replacements? I've got some teeth that are starting to show we say fall apart. so where can I find a good dentist, like yours. He he comedy chuckle chuckle great sight!

  2. Hey man great vids im shure thousand of people appreciate the help i would love to send you a video of what my john deere lt145 is doing in a bind just out the blue will start running like its miss firing and if i play with the govenor it will start running right again i hope youve incountered this problem before i would greatly appreciate the help

  3. Hey Taryl, you mention in various videos the troubles with certain engines…if someone was looking to re-power their machine which brand and model do you think is a better product? I always change my oil and use synthetic every season and I don't want anything with plastic internal parts…

  4. My single banger Intek was backfiring. I thought I put the cam in wrong. Turns out that I forgot to torque the flywheel bolt and sheered the key. That threw the ignition timing off.

  5. Mate what a top vid with funnies and good info.  I know how to change the Fuel Control Unit on a Huey, adjust the Variable Inlet Guide Vanes, Idle Speed, Bleed Band, N2 range and Minimum Allowable Torque.  But I haven't swung spanners on anything with pistons since I was a little bit younger.  I've just bought a Bolens with an 18 horse on her, at least now I have an idea of what causes what, and how to do simple things like valve clearance.  An older Bush Ranger says thanks mate.

  6. love your videos! super helpful also great to see people have a good since of humor while educating people. keep up the great work👍🤓

  7. i think that the valve adjustment was to loose and it was lifter was slapping against the toe of the cam and flatten it out. this is common, lack of maintenance. now a bent push tube also will not allow the rocker to open all the way. also if that rocker stud pulls out of that head a little it to will not allow the rocker to open all the way, you must look for that too… just say1n …

  8. Ha! Best skit ever, that was great! Love your channel, guys. The how-tos are excellent and the production quality is top notch!
    My favorite part about your skits is how Taryl always exclaims "Slippers!" in that somewhat disgusted tone; it always gets me!
    Thanks for the videos, Taryl and Co.!

  9. I been watching you for a while now. I learned a lot and laugh all the time at the beginning and end of your videos. I now have 3 snowblowers working and I am working on the 4th because of your videos. Thanks!!~

  10. If you adjust the governor like you described and still have a crazy high idle that doesn’t change with the throttle lever what could be the cause of that?

  11. Taryl ,I must say I love 💘 watching your vids, there funny as Hell is Hot 🔥and most informative. Very Original and did I mention funny as Hell ?!

  12. Hi Taryl

    Question for ya from Australian country Victoria,where every thing here can kill ya mate.

    I have a John deere L120 with a 20hp v twin inteck,my Question is its very slow in reverse but fine in forward. I have ordered a new drive belt and four pulleys.Belt and pulleys worn. do you think that could be the problem? or could the tuff torq HD k46 trans be the problem? How do you check the oil level? What oil? Could it be by passing in reverse? Can you do a video on this K46 transmission on how to rebuild it please. Thanks mate, and as you say ,,and there’s your dinner.

  13. 👍”….we’re not goin’ to the 🌙 moon!”
    This guy has forgotten more than I’ve ever known about engines! 👀
    👍Awesome video👍
    and thanks to uncle Andy, I can NOW finish my time travel thesis 🤓
    Thx Uncle Andy👍

  14. I like your video that sandpaper you're referring to as what was left of the camshaft and the reason it didn't hurt the lifter is because the lifters Harden and the camshaft is not Harden properly I've done a few of them I'm enjoying your videos and the critic but when I mentioned it to Briggs & Stratton they told me that I was the only one having that problem got so bad I was popping the lobes off of one cam put them on another. they spline i could be pressed on and off great video great info lack of Maintenance maybe pour oil Maybe poor cam lobe likely keep up the great work what did you all ever do with that Fairbanks Magneto you was playing with I believe you called her an old Wisconsin module

  15. Tayrl, I found your Channel looking for info on how to bypass the low oil shut down on a generator, i have watched a lot of your vids, very good info, and the little add on you do with humor is great, absolutely love your channel and now i am subscribed, keep those vids rolling on, or in, whatever the properest term is.

  16. This video fits the bill. I've got one of these and just finished repainting everything…holy cow what a chore and still waiting on my deck parts to come in.

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