9 thoughts on “How to Fix a Coleman Powermate Generator 6250 that won’t start

  1. I got the same generator when I got if from a friend it ran for a long while then shut off. Have to wait a while before starting back up. Now it run for like a couple of minutes and shut off and won't start back up can you guys help me out

  2. I have the same machine. After running for fifteen minutes, it seems like it's gonna shut down but then revs back up, and sometimes backfires. Any suggestions?

  3. Richard G I have the exact same generator is my first time using it and I do not have the manual I've put in the oil 10W-30 then I put about 2 gallons of gasoline in and the gasoline was leaking from the bottom where the choke handle the black box that's under the choke handle someone told me that there is a level that you turn on and off but I cannot find it anywhere could youplease help me out I also live in Florida

  4. Mine did the exact same thing. The rocker arm nuts vibrated off. one went down so i was lucky to fish it out. after fixing that now the Governor has an issue. Engine is high revving

  5. I am working on the same generator. You mentioned the compression was good. Will you tell me what your compression was? Can't get mine to fire, most likely low compression.

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