How To Fix a Craftsman Lawn Tractor LT4000 Briggs & Stratton 14HP Vanguard (Fuel Shut Off Solenoid)

This tractors been in the garage broken for 20 years now. Will I be able to get it running again?

Model number ➜ 917.255.540

Starting Fluid ➜
Makita Impact Driver ➜
Lawn Tractor Battery ➜

Blade Spindle ➜
Blade ➜
Belt ➜

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Filmed on a Hawkeye Firefly 7s Action Camera ➜



3 thoughts on “How To Fix a Craftsman Lawn Tractor LT4000 Briggs & Stratton 14HP Vanguard (Fuel Shut Off Solenoid)

  1. These mowers and Vanguard engine deals don't last long on CList. If I see it even one day alter, it' already gone.. Most I now see are blown or run out of oil. I bought a used 14hp Vanguard twin cyl engine, the guy said it ran and had compression. Sure, it did, but only on one side. The other piston rod was broken. It cost me more to fix it than to buy a running used one and that was just to get it running, not rebuilt. It still smokes a little when it's cold.. and the oil pressure drops when it gets hot. When these engines are hurt, it's not really worth it to try to rebuild it.. Harbor Freight has a Chinese one for around $700.00. I'd be more tempted to use a propane conversion on a new engine. But propane does cost more than gasoline and more $ by hp. oh well.

  2. Thanks for this video I have been scratching my head with the mower I bought that had been stood for a couple of years. I bought a new battery then a new solenoid and new gas still nothing.
    Drilled out the fuel solenoid like you suggested and boom. So happy. Thanks again Mark

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