HOW TO FIX a Lawn Mower by Cleaning the Carburetor

Step by step guide to perfectly fix a mower by cleaning out the carburetor. Covers both Briggs & Stratton and Tecumseh carbs. Guidelines here can be used on most float style carbs. For best performance use carburetor cleaner, WD40 lubricant, and compressed air. Replace the black rubber float bowl gasket surrounding the carburetor as deemed necessary (mostly applies to Tecumseh).

Broken Rope Replacement for Briggs Quantum:



35 thoughts on “HOW TO FIX a Lawn Mower by Cleaning the Carburetor

  1. you actually can spray down in the seat if there is varnish but make sure u rinse it out right away with a penetrating lubricant like wd40 or pb blaster because it will swell up. even the bowl gaskets if you get it on them it will swell up in fact I already did before and I winded up with a bowl gasket about a half inch too wide in diameter haha nice demonstration people should learn this alot of mowers and others things get throwbout because of this reason and they are often fairly new mowers

  2. Alright. After 5 hours I got my lawn mower fixed. Thank You. For those watching the video, replace the air filter, sparkplug, and fuel each season. If all else fails, its your carburetor. Make sure you wear goggles when spraying it with carburetor cleaner. Don't be like me spraying a shit ton on your face and almost going blind…

  3. Good Tips/Video on cleaning a carburetor on small engines.. Thanks!!  
    However it is most important to use "Eye Protection" or a "Full Face Shield"
    when preforming these actions…or using most any chemicals used for cleaning…Think.. Safety First..¬†

  4. My husband told me he had no idea what was wrong with our mower and wanted me to bring it to a shop to have it fixed.  Instead, I followed your instructions, saved us some money and surprised him by doing it.  Thanks for your help!

  5. Nice tutorial buddy. Thanks for taking your time to explain all of your knowledge. We all really appreciate it.

  6. Thanks for the vid. I have a Simplicity tractor that I bought new ten years ago and used it one summer. Then I sent it to my dad's place and he never used it….so it has been parked for nine years in the garage. Just got it back and finally got it to turn over….however, it will run for 5 seconds then shut off. My guess is I need to clean the carb. He did empty the fuel…but I'm sure it's pretty dan gummed up.

  7. Thanks, I stripped mine apart and something fall. I put the carburetor back together and petrol pissed out, I then went and looked in the shed move things around and found a silver pin pointed at one end and the other a flat end. So I turned to YouTube and found your post, saw the pin (On The float) and now all OK thanks  

  8. Great video Adam! Very helpful and informative. Watch out for WD-40, though, it is a good lubricant but it does eat rubber. I use  Liquid Wrench on any part that has rubber seals or rubber parts such as diaphragms, belts or even tires!!

  9. hi adam i have a lawn mower  and i follow your carb clean procedure  my engine start right away but still make noise behind the  gouvernor little arm what can i do to  stop that rattle

  10. Most small engine problems are due to gas going bad and not because of ethanol. Small engines have ALWAYS had problems with stale fuel gumming up the carburetor when left in for long periods of time.
    When a small engine like a lawn mower, leaf blower, chain saw, is being put up for the winter run it out of fuel before putting it away.  In the spring when filling your gas can for the first time add some Sta-Bil or Seafoam to the gas to extend its life. Gas generally starts to go bad after 30 -60 days. By adding the fuel stabilizer it will extend its life

  11. WTF is this crap ?!!! Great instructional video Adam .. very simple and easy to follow ! ¬†Great job bro .. umm do more! ūüôā

  12. Just because you have a 5 gallon gas can that does not mean you need to buy 5 gallons of fuel. If you only use 3 gallons of fuel during a season then only buy 3 gallons. If you have any left over at the end of the season put it in your vehicle and use it up. Do not let it sit in the garage and get old and stale. That is asking for problems. Always use fuel stabilizer when you buy fuel and at the end of the season run the tool out of fuel.ÔĽŅ

  13. Adam, this video was AWESOME. I have a Yard Machine String Trimmer that has not ran in more than 2 years. I followed your instruction in this video and my trimmer started on the very first pull. I was about to take it to the repair shop which would have cost me atleast $80.00 – $100.00 to repair, with your help I repaired it without spending one cent. I already had all the items you mentioned in you video.
    AWESOME!!! Keep post GREAT video like this

  14. Thats funny, I do it the exact same way with the bread tie, and not squirting carb cleaner into the seat.  I also have had to clean carbs 2 times before.  LOL

  15. Hi, I just did this and got my mower working however I have a problem. The mower is supped up LOL. It now runs loud and it actually used a full tank of gas in 30  minutes instead of my usual hour. I am under the impression the needle needs adjusting. from what I have read I need to lower the needle I believe. Thoughts?

  16. Thanks for saving me a chunk of change.  I'm not a mechanic and was somewhat intimidated about taking apart the carb on my ready-start pressure washer that wouldn't start.  Cleaned it per your instructions, and put it back on.  It started right up on the first pull.  Incidentally, I thought I lost the rubber needle seat; I just want other viewers to know that some seats are brass.

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