How to Fix a Lawn Mower Carburetor

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This tutorial will show you how to fix and maintain your lawn mower carburetor.

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48 thoughts on “How to Fix a Lawn Mower Carburetor

  1. This helped a lot. A relative put gas oil mix in the tank by mistake, then after it died it sat for 5 years. So after cleaning everything last month, I had cleaned the carb already but engine was still not getting gas. So I pulled carb apart again after watching your video, and sure enough the main jet and emulsion tube were clogged. I missed those the first time. After reassembly the mower fired up on the first pull. I was a bit stunned by that lol. Thanks!

  2. Most useful video I have ever seen. I am NOT a mechanic, or even handy. Did this and mower started on first pull and ran great. Great job on the video.

  3. Fantastic ! Saved me purchasing a new mower for €350 really pleased ! Excellent step by step tutorial and all it cost me was a €9 can of carb cleaner !! I particularly like the re assembly of the unit again step by step……. Thanks so much for posting 🙂

  4. I was told to add an admix to my gas if I wanted to store it for winter, yet it still clogged up. Thanks to your video you just saved me $55. Now I can tackle other engine carbs i.e. weed-eater, chainsaw, etc. Again, thanks. Max

  5. single mom and this saved me alot of money learning how to fix it myself, thank you you were very good at explaining and going slow so i could see and understand what you were doing, also helped i have same mower. thanks

  6. how could you unlike this dude giving his time and effort to help others,, just dont get it… thanks for the video

  7. Why did you crimp the fuel line, that red thing that looks like a dial is called a petcock and it cuts off the fuel going to the carb.

    You should really think about wearing gloves when working with carb cleaner, it contains MEK which causes cancer. I have alot of friends that have had their older friends die from MEK exposure to skin.

  8. Nice video!
    I have 2 questions:

    1) I did not manage to remove the emulsion tube like on 04:25? Any advice?

    2) I have forgotten the right distance of the "idle screw". Should I screw it very loose on it, and than tightening?

  9. First of all, great video! It looks like your working on a Honda motor on a Troy-Bilt mower, is that right?

    I don't usually do well with fixing motors, but I noticed today that my mower was leaking gas. So after a bit of searching on the internet, I found out a little about carbs and I took mine off, wiped it down, put it back together and it no longer leaks!

    But… when I first started it, it ran really fast. It felt like it was going to take off. I was able to mow a little, but then it stalled. Still not leaking gas, but it only runs for a couple of minutes and stalls. Any clue what causes this?

    I'm going to go get some carb cleaner and new gaskets tomorrow and take it back apart (now that I know how). Do you think that will fix it?


  10. Should have clean the outside of the parts with an air gun before removing any parts.
    Then remove the part & clean again with the spray.
    I would think a part co. would teach the basic steps to cleaning any small engine.

  11. I'm trying to find a new complete carburetor for my Briggs & Stratton 8 HP engine, Model # 200401 type 0019-01 serial #6808021. Do you have any info on where I can order one? it's for my 720 simplicity garden tractor, I have tried Briggs & Stratton parts, ereplacement parts. Thanks for any help 5/25/2016

  12. hey: I'm Sid, I'm learning alot from ur vid's guy's,but have too ask… How do I do what you have done with how too??
    I am pretty sure I have some too bring too the Table. My 5 yr old gran kid can pronounce continuity and chk it too,, Anyway can you help me help others, Like you helped me. 2546302304.

  13. This carb looks nearly identical to the one on my Subaru PowerStroke pressure washer (EA190V-50031). I appreciate this video, now I know my carb very well.

    I take it there isn't a way to adjust the mixture on this carburetor?

  14. My can of carb cleaner has arrived so I'm hoping this will fix my issue with my Honda Izzy Great video!

  15. I see that these type of carburetor you have to take out a lot of items to clean it. The TECUMSEH lawn mower carburetor all you have to remove is the main jet screw that attach to the bowl to clean it and its fix.

  16. This vid is great thanks. But once we re-installed there is gas leaking from the air intake whilst idle any idea why?

    Thanks (P.S.) We have the same engine/carb

  17. I recently did an overhaul of my Briggs & Stratton Carb (12H802-3172-B1) from my Murray lawnmower. I bought the kit-carb overhaul kit and replaced all the parts included in the kit. The only problem was it started leaking gas without the lawnmower even on. The only thing the kit didn't come with was the float so I kept the original. I don't now if this could cause this kind of an issue. Any ideas how to fix the issue? The gas is leaking from two small holes along the inside the carb.
    I noticed someone else had a gas leaking issue. But in my case the needle was replaced with a new one. Could it in fact be caused by the float?

  18. i am frustrated. i have a new mower with the honda gvc 160 engine. it has maybe 3 hrs on it. recently, the last time i started it, it ran for maybe 5 minutes before it gradually started losing power and ultimately stopped. now, it won't start at all…. not even catch for a moment. i admit, i used some older gas and that could be it so, i got it out and have fresh gas in it. but, it STILL refuses to start. i forgot to turn off the gas switch before so i thought maybe the engine was flooded. so, i turned the switch off and waited over half an hour. tried it again and nothing. it simply refuses to start.

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