How to fix a lawn mower that leaks gas. 300E Briggs & Stratton

Most Frequent Causes for Lawn mower leaking gas. The float needle valve might not be shutting off the fuel. The float needle opens and closes the float valve to allow fuel to enter the float bowl. If the float needle is damaged, the carburetor will continue to fill with fuel until it overflows.

300E Briggs & Stratton

Gas squirting from mower engine primer bulb. My Mower Leaks Gas From the Primer Bulb. LAWN MOWER PRIMER BULB LEAKING. Gas leaking from primer bulb hole. How do I fix a leak in the primer bulb for a walk behind mower? Gas leaking out of Primer Bulb in a Briggs & Stratton. Why is there a gas leak by the small engine air filter. Gasoline – how to fix a lawn mower that leaks gas. Lawn Mower carburetor/gas leak problem. My Lawnmower Gas Leaks Through the Air Filter. Why is gas leaking from air filter on craftsman lawn mower. Petrol leaking from lawn mower. Top Reasons Lawn Mower Leaking Gas. lawn mower leaking gas in garage. My garage smells like gasoline. Petrol leaking from overflow pipe on carb. Petrol leaking from carb, overflowing?



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  1. I can't believe you did this without removing and cleaning the carburetor first! It takes less than a minute to remove it and put it on a clean shop table with good lighting. Then you can go ahead and remove and clean the cartridge, especially the main jet. I can see dirt and grime on your screwdriver blade as it's poking around INSIDE the carburetor. The tiniest piece of junk from the screwdriver will go straight to the bottom of the bowl and stop up your jet.

  2. You don't find it awkward working on the carb while it's still on the machine? I couldn't image; it only takes 30 seconds to remove the carb, and then you can work on it comfortably, in your hand, without bending over and straining to see what's going on.

  3. Yep, after watching this I had the same issue. I popped the pin back in place and stopped the leak. Thank's for the video!

  4. My lawnmower has 2 issues. It won't start and the gas leaks out incredibly fast. I filled it and it was empty possibly 2-4 days later. Could something like this prevent the mower from starting?

  5. O.M.G. I have been struggling with my TB-110 for weeks! Same janky carburetor. So far I have cleaned it, to no avail. Bored the intake jet to make it a tad larger, to no avail. Tightened the governor spring, to no avail. So I added Sea Foam to both the oil and the gas, took the air filter off, and was able (just barely) to mow my tiny yard. Yay! But I went through an entire tank of gas, and I bet my neighbor's dog that THIS is why my air filter smells like gas and why it's still not reaching full RPM's. Thank you! I can't wait to try this next! You rock! I will post an update here to let you know if the float was the culprit. 🙂

  6. Just got me a mower with this engine on it. Very helpful video for trouble shooting in the future. Thanks for the upload. And, love the Yota pickup, love my 2006 and hear the older ones were even better.

  7. The lawnmower would start and die right away. I tried to open the carburetor and cleaned it, which fixed the problem. After putting it back, however, the carburetor started to leak gas. That wasn't a problem before. Guess I will have to reassemble it. Thanks for the detailed video. Awesome camera skill there.

  8. Hi Ben, had caused the exact fault myself so really appreciate your help, one end of the float pin was not clipped in, same one as in your video, runs perfect once more, thanks, Carl

  9. Thank you! Guy, you nailed it that was the exact problem, It was running but leaking thank again for a great share da bomb!!!!

  10. Damn I've been taking the whole damn thing off..glad I seen this. My carb was fine till I took it many times in the past. I'm sure it is the needle valve. Gonna try this. My lawn mower runs fine. It takes about 3 mins and then it just starts leaking. Never had it happen to me before. I even took another carb off another mower same kind and they both look fine. IDK wtf it could be except this

  11. Man I just finished cleaning the jet inside my carburetor and didn't realize I knocked the metal pin holding the float out of place. Thanks for this video!

  12. Ethanol and bad fuel is also rotting the rubber tips off the needles. Briggs and Stratton should be nuked for taking something good and making it bad. These E series engines suck ass.

  13. That was my problem as well. I cleaned out the fuel line of the mower and accidentally caused this issue. The mower is good and running now. Many thanks!

  14. Oh my gosh so helpful. I cleaned my jets and carb check the float twice and couldn't tell it was just a bit off. I'm so glad you made this video I was getting g so frustrated. Thank you thank you thank you

  15. Hey man you're a life saver ! I had the same problem, same mower. Thanks to you . I didn't have to replace the carburetor. Thumbs up to you .Thank you !

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