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48 thoughts on “How to fix a lawnmower no spark

  1. Thanks!!! I was ready to junk the riding mower, I tried EVERYTHING, until I filed the two holes that hold the coil to the block, riding mower started on the first turn of the key (scared the hell out of me, because I wasn't expecting it to start)

  2. Great help with this. Thank you. The video is clear and process well explained. I implemented one more thing and that is to put liquid soap in the sleeve prior to wire R&R. This helps the old wire slide out and then the new one inserted into the spark plug protective sleeve. No need to split it open. I then used a can of air duster to blow out the moisture.

  3. Changed spark plug, changed ignition coil… Craftsman 5.5 .. Runs when I disconnect green ground wire from bottom of ignition coil. Checked Brake assembly and no wires broken .. just not sure what the brake assembly should look like and what wires should be touching what… perhaps a contact is not sitting correctly?.. Can't find diagrams online either.. Any ideas?

  4. Replaced the coil and still no spark. While reviewing this video, I filed down the perches the magneto mounts to, and voila. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Hello, I have a Tecumseh engine on my mower which is a Champion Self Propelled 46cm. I have a spark and I have taken the carburetor off and cleaned it. When trying to start it it occasionally 'fires' but won't run for any length of time and also floods the spark plug. Is it possible for the coil or the spark plug to be breaking down under load? I've tried another spark plug (second hand) and the problem is the same. Any help would be great. Thanks

  6. I've done everything recommended, certain I had it under control. New coil, .009 gap, new spark plug, filed clean the mounting posts, handlebar actuated kill switch seems to open and close as per a continuity switch – probe on flywheel and on lead to bottom of coil had continuity when the handlebar lever was in "shutoff" mode, none when bar was in "on" position. Still no hint of a spark. Guess next step is remove the flywheel? Haven't tried running with the ground wire disconnected. What is next?

  7. Thanks. I have this same engine I'm trying to get ready for the mowing season. This was a huge help if I have to replace the coil.

  8. those magnetos get rusty it will not start, we had to sand the ends and flywheel off on 5hp briggs, this gys a backyard hack

  9. Thanks for the video. Pulled my coil, took pics of the model number, filed the mounting post, started right up.

  10. Old video but brilliant for the older magneto mowers. Had no spark – traced it back to an electrical connection I had made my self with electrical tape (from the magneto to spark plug)). This video was EXTREMELY helpful narrowing down my problem. I had used electrical (plastic) tape which is normally OK BUT heat from the the mower engine had caused a chemical reaction with the metal connection and electrical tape glue causing problems. My mower was a throw-away (was in the rubbish when I found it) and the previous owner said it just wouldn't start. Cleaning the magneto metal base posts as per this video was a big help too. I used a multi-meter inline from the magneto to the spark plug to check for spark. Replaced gooey connection I had with a metal connector. All good. THANKS for VIDEO!!! Really excellent! Luv my old mower !subscribed!

  11. Great Job, and hey nice family!!! I'm hoping that is my problem because I've cleaned the carb and all the tubing plus changed the oil which most people I know never do. But I'm thinking the coil is suspect because I have a brand new plug in it. Always Thankful when someone takes the time to video a remedy and show where to go when most of us are lost. Thanks again !!!

  12. I have a John Deere ant 622 gator with no spark I replaced the ignition coil twice and the spark plug multiple times still no spark any suggestion thanks

  13. We inherited a near new mower when we bought a house that did not run. Removed the kill switch wire off the coil and eureka!
    Hi from NZ,

  14. I have no spark in my craftsman riding mower. I have replaced the plug and coil. I also took off the flywheel and cleaned everything. I seen the stator was burnt on 3 coils so I replaced it too. The previous owner said he was driving it and it just quit – he tried to rewire it and I think he left the voltage regulator out and that let him burn out the stator to my opinion. Now back to the spark plug spark. I did clean the ignition coil screw holes. Took off the kill wire from the coil, used a business card for a gap and still no spark! I am lost at this point besides thinking it may be the magnets. Any ideas???? No doubt the magnets are not dead in total. How do I check/replace/recharge them??

  15. Thanks for this video. I had cleaned the carburetor, gas line etc etc and it still wouldn't start/spark. After watching I removed the cowl and realigned the coil and now it starts first pull. Thank you for ending my frustration.

  16. before tearing into this, I moved the kill switch wire and it started right up. I will dig further to find the point of a bare wire for a permanent repair when the temps drop around here.

  17. Good video. Nice family. Enjoy- they grow fast.I had to replace the cutoff cable. When I put the brake bracket back on I must have left the wire in a bad spot probable rubbing on the flywheel and slowly wearing off the insulation on the wire ( it was a bear to get that brake assembly up in under the flywheel.)Maybe there is a trick to it but I never did it before. It ran for about an hour and then quit. No spark on plug cleaned everything, re gapped it . Still no spark. I looked real good and saw the wire had been gouged and must of been the flywheel and the wire was bare. I fixed that with some solder and shrink wrap. Still no spark. Do you think the bare wire shorted out the ignition module because there is no spark on the coil now? Is there a way to ohm out a module? Also thanks for taking the time to make the video's and have a great day!

  18. have no spark on 5hp B&S engine. Checked flywheel key is good, replaced coil, spaced with business card as shown, new spark plug, has no wire connected to kill switch tab. Still no spark, any ideas?

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