How-To fix a leaking Briggs carburetor – with Taryl

In “A Startled Customer”, Taryl and Taryl Jr. demonstrate how to repair two leaking Briggs and Stratton carburetors. Have gas in your oil? Gas leaking out of your carb? You must have a leaky carburetor, watch this entertaining video to properly learn how to fix two kinds of leaking Briggs carburetors. And There’s Your Dinner!!

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47 thoughts on “How-To fix a leaking Briggs carburetor – with Taryl

  1. Thanks again for another great video. I had this exact problem with my Intek engine. Has the Nikki carb with that squirelly carb gasket that won't fit once you take carb apart. Can I just replace the Nikki with the Walbro?

  2. Taryl. I am at my wits end with this stupid 19.5 horse powered briggs & stratton. engine I just rebuilt. I originally, after the rebuild, tried starting it but it didn't start and would only back fire through the carburetor. Thought I had screwed up the cam timing took the sump off and double checked but the timing was right, then checked the fly wheel and that was set right.. Still kept back firing, so I double checked the values and that was right, so I figured it was a carburetor issue, so I bought a new needle and fuel filter.. Replaced that tried starting it up and still back fired through the carburetor.. I have no clue how to fix this stupid engine to start… do you have any ideas? I'm ready to shoot it…

  3. Taryl – I've tried everything to cure my surging on my 22 hp v twin Nikki Carb. After being frustrated, I ordered a new carb. Now I am noticing that the new carb choke plate doesn't have a spring return. My mower has one throttle cable and when you pull it all the way up, it engages the choke. Once it starts, you move the throttle down a bit and it releases the choke. The new carb has apparently done away from spring return. I know it would work with separate choke cable, but will it work just one? Did they do away with the spring return on the choke on the newer replacements? Thanks much! GREAT VIDEO'S!!

  4. thanks for all alot.. i have a carb that i have to replace. The original came off a 15 hp riding mower..the other did to but dont know what kind of riding mower. anyway the original has one main side jet(the one thats in the float bowl) while the other has 2..will this make a difference..thanks

  5. Another issue I've run into with these Nikki carbs that has the same issue but the float is fine, is the molded rubber o ring between the plastic flat holder and the carb body will deteriorate, letting fuel leak past the needle and seat, flooding the crankcase. Usually results from the customer running ethanol fuel. Also, if you order a replacement carburetor, Briggs and Stratton will substitute the walbro for the nikki.

  6. Your video is the only one i could find that uses a heat gun to make a adjustment on a plastic carb float.
    Common sense told me that Heat could be used, to make this adjustment. I just needed to see someone do this.
    Great job on your illustration. The heat gun worked great.
    You just have to be careful when using the heat gun. Have a glass of cool water to dip the plastic.after you make your adjustment, dip the float in water to cool the plastic tab,Take your time, and this will work. No rebuild kit required.

  7. Dam thats a fine fix. My old lady didn't like me using her hair dryer but hey I said you want u want good hair or the lawn cut.
    Appreciate the Nikki fix. You guys rock

  8. does it cause any issues if you replace a walbro with a nikki carb?

    I haven't had issues yet but the nikki was cheaper of ebay when my throttle plate let go on the original walbro carb on my 03 dyt4000.

    the intake pipe and manifold bolted right up no prob.

  9. Hey do y'all have a fix are something you can use for the carb that is on a mid 90's b&s vtwin that has been discontinued? I can't find a main jet for it. Part#806634
    Thank you for any help

  10. Taryl, I have a Nikki on a 5yr old 31p677 and it runs rough at low idle. It has the mixture screw that cant be adjusted. I believe it is the carb. What do you think?

  11. Hello Taryl, I have a briggs 140cc ohv engine on a craftsman pressure washer and i have a leaking carburetor because when I check the oil it smelled like gas. I drained the oil and replaced with new oil, I adjusted the valves and ignition timing, and I re-gaped the spark plug to factory settings. I've tried starting it but with no avail. It will start and run briefly only when I allow some fuel to fill the bowl and then turn it off but the carburetor spits out fuel when it runs for like 10 seconds. Also, it seems to start when its not in the compression stroke. I removed the pump to try and make it easier for it to start without a load. Any advice you have would be great.

  12. I also forgot to mention that I checked the float and it sits level against the needle and I blew into the fuel inlet tube and no air was passing by the needle.

  13. HI got a briggs flat head,opposed. runs rough, starts hard, intake manifold has a lot of condensation on it..460 Lhead. thanks!

  14. I love the tool you made to remove the seat . Cleaver !!! Think you may need a bigger hammer . Ha Ha George

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