How to Fix a Leaking Lawnmower Gas Tank : Lawnmower Maintenance & Repair

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Fixing a leaking lawnmower gas tank will likely require you to remove the older gas tank and install a whole new one. Fix a leaking lawnmower gas tank with help from the star of the DIY video repair series in this free video clip.

Expert: Mark Sodja
Filmmaker: Jeff Goodey

Series Description: If you take good care of your lawnmower, it in turn will allow you to take good care of your yard. Get tips on the basics of lawnmower maintenance and repair with help from the star of the DIY video repair series in this free video series.



34 thoughts on “How to Fix a Leaking Lawnmower Gas Tank : Lawnmower Maintenance & Repair

  1. This is retarded, all you that showed everyone is how to replace the gas tank Jeff. Most guys know how to do that. What people want to know is how to repair the existing fuel tank. I.E. trying to save money bro.

  2. Scam/Misleading
    This is HOW TO REPLACE, not HOW TO FIX.

    The following is a fix which has lasted me 8 years.
    Steel Putty and JB Weld.
    Or just JB Weld TankWeld Gas Tank Repair putty.
    If using the latter, you may omit coating it with standard JB Weld.

    Obviously clean the entire area well. I find Mean Green works the best.
    Rinse and allow to dry.
    Apply the putty to the leak, lightly pushing some into the crack/hole. Makes sure the putty covers the leak and extends past the leak about 1.5 inches and allow to cure for 2 hours.
    Then cover the cured putty and about 2.5 inches beyond the putty with JB Weld.
    Leave to cure a FULL 24-36 hours. That is VERY important.

    With the tank off of the mower, add some fuel and watch for leaks. If you missed any, they will show up.
    The combination of the putty and JB Weld can withstand brake fluid as well as gas.
    The TankWeld Gas Tank Repair can withstand both as well.
    This works on plastic and steel tanks. Removing the paint around the leak on steel tanks is advised.
    On plastic, scratch the area around the leak to give the products something to adhere to.

  3. Good video , but the gas tank you sale for replacement is way way to high in price . Understand your have to make a living but not off just one person – give me a break .

  4. i'm a STIHL master service tech, was a briggs dealer for many years also. THIS IS HOW TO FIX LEAKS…for that style of gas tank (briggs), they normally leak at the seem on the flywheel side of tank. Any gas tank leak i use SEAL-AL, or GOOP, works every time. Just add sealant around leaky area & let it dry before adding fuel in tank.

  5. Hey Mark. Why don't you title this video the way it should be titled instead of wasting peoples time? You realize you just lied to everyone who watches right off the bat I am sure. Unless you are just some paid lacky that has to read whatever is put in front of him so that parts can be sold. Really You are a liar in this video.

    JB weld will fix a hole in a tank every damed time. A hole, Like the one a mouse chewed in mine. of course you have to drain the tank. remove it, scrub it all down and dry it, rough up the area and use the proper mixture of JB weld and let it dry and harden completely. Even a larger hole can be covered and repaired with mesh or even toothpicks really, holds fine, Mines been holding for literally over 6 years.

    i was looking for a video of how to seal up a shitty seam that was not done properly at the factory. the Exact same tank you have here. It's exact. zero difference except mine I can show where the hole is and you didn't even bother to show the hole that you cannot repair. Mine is the inside seam that rides on the edge of the motor housing from the opening on the tank fill half moon to the other side where the ring continues as just a ring frame that goes around front completely the circle. the seam in there was never plastic welded and has come completely separated on the back side for about 3 inches. I can hold it apart. i was looking for a video to see if anyone has repaired that type of damage when I found you here lying to people

    I was thinking jb weld again BUT. it's a seam and I cannot get to both sides of it. the MFG ( I assume in China Now since B&S is sourcing parts like many A HOLE Companies that sold out and are ruining our country) sealed the rest of the tank with some kind of Heat , melting process and just didn't do well at all on the inside curve, But i don't have a machine to do this and I didn't really want to cut the entire top of eh tank off. i could easily do the melt job that way however and I would have access to the entire top and bottom inside and out.

    back to the drawing board for me I guess. Or i could just go look at some other videos, maybe there is some folks out there that don't lie to people like you have done here.

    "How to REPLACE A Plastic Gas Tank on a PUSH MOWER " <– Feel free t o change your title and use mine there if you like. oh and stop lying to people just because you, personally, don't know how to do something.

  6. I have a mower just like the one you are replacing the gas tank… Where can I find that same tank. Where do I find the model # of the part (gas tank) or the model number of the mower.

  7. You made the same mistake I did and let the spacer fall from the lower gas tank mounting bolt, I must have tossed mine away when I cleaned up as I didn't realize it was there. I see they are available to purchase, however will make a spacer with a length of the old fuel hose.

  8. To give you an idea of my lawn mower knowledge, I have never worked on one before, but I think I can do it. is my q. Gas started leaking from the air filter and from the exhaust. Would this be from the carburetor or from the gas tank? It had been sitting when I found this.

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