How to Fix a Patchy, Weedy Lawn – This Old House

This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook resuscitates a dying lawn. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)

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How to Repair Lawn Damage After Construction:

How to Revive a Brown Lawn:

How to Mow a Lawn:

Shopping List for Fixing a Patchy, Weedy Lawn:
– compost
– 9-3-4 fertilizer
– blended grass seed

Tools for Fixing a Patchy, Weedy Lawn:
– lawnmower
– de-thatching machine
– leaf rake
– wheelbarrow
– core aerator
– shovel
– walk-behind broadcast spreader
– hand-crank broadcast spreader

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38 thoughts on “How to Fix a Patchy, Weedy Lawn – This Old House

  1. Why don't you just buy some milorganite instead of the compost ? It's a granular so you just have to put it in your spreader and go

  2. I've heard the opposite of what he said about bagging your clippings. I have heard not to bad your clippings because they eventually break down and become new dirt.

  3. Hi guys! Long time watcher and fan, first time commenting. I just have a simple question – where would you recommend buying your equipment? I mainly go to tractor supply company outlets, great staff, great products and great prices

  4. Mary: Hi Roger
    Roger: Hi Mary
    Mary: How are you today, Roger?
    Roger: Pretty good, Mary! And you?
    Mary: Pretty good, Roger.
    Roger: So, Mary, we're going to fix your lawn, Mary
    Mary: Roger that, Roger.
    Roger: We're both speaking like we learned to talk in a book, Mary.
    Mary: Thanks for noticing, Roger.
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    Mary: No, Roger.
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  5. a hearing protection to mow the grass!!! what is it? a nuclear test is about to take place? she forgot the goggles, knee pads, Kevlar gloves, steel toe shoes. might as well put new fresh SOD

  6. You didnt get rid of the weeds. Going through all of this work i would have killled the existing weeds with an effective herbicide.

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