33 thoughts on “How to Fix a Petrol Lawnmower that won’t Start

  1. I have the same mower and I need to change the petrol pipe.When I look on line there looks like a few different types depending on engine type and there is mention of kowaski could you tell me what the engine is and engine model please or the part number so I can replace this thanks chris.

  2. Thanks for the video I haven’t bought my first petrol mower yet and I’m torn between this mower and the Suffolk punch. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  3. Hi, I have been given a McCulloch M51 140wr Classic, there are two problems to deal with, the first is the blade support is damaged, the two locating studs have sheared off and I guess this will need to be changed and the cable to the rear wheel drive is damaged. how difficult is it to replace the both items and for me the most important is the blade support, I am not too bothered about having to push the mower any help would be great along with any video guides, thanks…

  4. Concise How To Video – enabled me to know how to check over ,purchase a Qualcast , fix and save a bloody fortune Cheers Matey, along with a few other youtube vids , its now perfect and cost less than 5% of a new one

  5. Hi I have a flymo lawnmower but cannot fine the model number. My problem is that the wheel has fallen off! Can you tell me how I am able to fix this thanks.

  6. Hi, I have this exact mower that I've just purchased. Followed all your steps to draining the carb, and what came out certainly didn't smell like petrol. It was green and smelt like paint thinners!!!
    Obviously I have to strip down the carb now, but, any ideas of of how I can get this stuff outta the system? Cheers

  7. Why has Qualcast got a bad name fore spare parts I have been looking for three weeks for two front wheels replacement on my rotary qualcast mower model XSZ48B-SD if you don't believe me try ordering a spare wheel I think Qualcast mowers are good mowers but getting spare parts are a night mare and if you can find one it will cost you £15 plus each as an ex work study engeer. I hope the suppliers get to read this B&Q are giving out a phone number for a company that has got nothing to with Qualcast and there are feed up with people phoning them why can't I print of a parts list for my model come on Qualcast give us some better service or is it because it is made in China and they could not care less in giving a good back up service thanks for reading this

  8. I have a Mountfield Jupiter Honda GCV135 4.5 and underneath the petrol tank there is a leak i got the mower 'FIXED' and was charged £35.00 i still have the problem. Can i still get a fuel line for this type of mower? and if not can a universal fuel line do?

  9. Excellent tips here. I bought this model mower today and had it running in 20 minutes thanks to this. Only criticism is regarding the float piston. You should mention that it's not actually connected to the float!
    Many thanks for this video, I shall be ordering a service kit very soon

  10. Hi Matt have you worked on a GGP PMR400PMRA DECK I need to take the lower handle off there are two allen head bolts that go through the metal deck into the plastic back end but they just turn around and I dont see any nuts on the in side Phillip

  11. Thanks for this. I drained my tank and carb (old petrol turns a funny shade of yellow) and refilled and it started. Think I'll replace the plug as it's running a little roughly – but your video was an immense help. Thanks.

  12. Having watched this. I decided to strip down and de-clag the carburetor. I also gave the spark plug a scrub with a petrol-sodden wire brush, put everything back together again and it worked like new.

  13. A premium product with plastic drive cogs ? Seems the only possible improvement over the older versions is possibly the air filter ?!

  14. Hi, great and useful video, my 17s start ok but pulse's on tick over (carb opens and closes on the spring) is this normal? ,   

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