How to Fix a Pressure Washer (Part 2 of 2)

After diagnosing the pressure washer pump and replacing its unloader valve, Mark demonstrates how to reassemble and lubricate the pump with step by step instructions.

Get replacement parts for your Karcher pressure washer here:

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Read this video’s repair article:


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22 thoughts on “How to Fix a Pressure Washer (Part 2 of 2)

  1. Yeah it was the gun, had to purchase a new one as there was parts missing from the valve. thanks for your reply, have a great week.

  2. on the grooved seals you used silicone grease. im in a pinch, can i use vaseline on them?
    trying to finish up a job and dont have time to locate this type of grease.
    its my own unit, not rebuilding for someone else

  3. Very explanatory my karcher is electric powered 7.85 the moter won't start at all.looking at your video makes me think it is the unloader valve.l will give it a go.thanks

  4. Mine is the same make and model and the same problem shown on the video. I used the same fixing methods described and my pressure washer is back in action. Thanks eReplacement and most of all to Mark for creating the video.

  5. Hi, Great video. I just did mine, and now it works great, but it is leaking water out of the bottom and is getting water in the oil. I just cleaned everything. I did not change any seals. I could see having a small leak from a bad seal, but the water runs out in a stream. I took it apart and put it back together again. still leaks. could it be just a bad seal or two? If so, where can I get a seal kit?

  6. Thanks for doing this video. I followed each step along the way. Why teflon grease? Where do you buy? And how important is it to not use other standard greases?

  7. Mark, I recently purchased from your website 6 valves and the unloader valve for my Karcher Pressure Washer (Model G 2650 HH, Part No.: 1.194-508.0) due to the pressure pulsating. I put the pump back together tonight with the new valves. After starting up my pressure washer, it continues to pulsate. Any ideas as to what I should try next? Thanks.

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