How to Fix a Smoking Craftsman Lawn Tractor… For Good

Last time, we showed you how to diagnose a smoking lawn mower, remove and clean carburetor and change the oil. This is all fairly easy to do and is great DIY project to save some money on repairs. Learning how to repair your own equipment can also be very rewarding. Try it before you take it to a shop!
But this time, we are fixing this problem for good! If your riding mower is putting of white smoke, you have to watch this video!



33 thoughts on “How to Fix a Smoking Craftsman Lawn Tractor… For Good

  1. I appreciate your taking the time to make this video. I have the same mower and experienced the same problem. Thankfully, watching your video saved me an expensive trip to a mower repair shop. Hopefully, the fuel valve will eliminate this issue from happening again in the future.

  2. Frame filters are garbage. Use Wix or stock factory filters. Watch the YouTube videos where they cut open different filters. It's shocking.

  3. That oil filter is the same one for a 2008 Ford Focus B&S or Kohler, Found that out when I changed the oil in my mothers car, What a cowinkiedink huh..good video.

  4. I've learned that " always " install the " stopper " after the Filter. This will prevent big chucks or small chunks from building up through time and clogging up your stopper. I know, some People would say that what happen when I needed to change the Filter? Well, anytime you change the Filter, you should always clean your Gas Tank just in case anything big stuck in the Tank.

  5. I installed fuel shut off valves on both my mowers. You may some times forget to shut it off. I always shut the valve off and let the mower run a minute on low throttle before shutting it off. Never had any carb problems since.

  6. Another thing you can do to fix and improve your engines flooding problems and performance is to refit a old style carb with the brass float and adjustable main jet setup.

    I've done several and being able to change the overly lean emission compliant factory setting (choke half on to make it run right) we are forced to live with due to fixed jet junk carbs, makes a big difference in how the engine runs and how much fuel it uses.

    Plus for you guys who, like me are cheap, the adjustable jet carbs can be set to run E30 and higher blended fuels too.

  7. Have the same mower….but different problem. I have the problem of starting up and running for about 30 minutes, then "sputter, sputter, cough, cough" ( like fuel starved)…..1/2 tank of fuel left in it…..dies…..starts right back up for about 3 minutes…..then does it again…….I have the shut-off…..replaced the fuel cap…..fuel filter( 3rd one this year)….oil is fine….new gas…new fuel line…. COULD THIS BE A SOLENOID PROBLEM?…..Sounds like it clicks when I turn the key….I am just about ready to give up on it….costs are adding up…with no apparent results……even the carb clean didn't seem to help….18 year old push mower works perfectly….but I have 3 acres of pasture land for a yard…..and I'm not getting any younger

  8. i got 8 fuel shut off value for 7 bucks> Man did you get screwed All these garden tractor are the same dam thing MADE IN CHINA with another name on em Idk who they think there fooling! Go look at em. Most parts fits em all Troy built, craftsman, MTD, huskey, snapper ect They buy em by lots, cheap, 5x more money by putting a name like CRAFTSMAN, TROY BUILT ect on em Waite let me put a 5 dollar hood scoop on it SHIT that should bring another 500 dollar laughing all the way to the bank Let put some more lip stick on these pigs that should be good for another grand he hee

  9. Looks like your electric fuel shutoff [just below the carb] isn't working right. I would have done the same as you did. Quick, easy, and cheap fix.

  10. Hey i need help with MY red hood garden fox. When it runs it backfires when it is cold and when it gets warm it runs like crap

  11. Thank you for the video, I was beginning to get frustrated until I found and watched your well crafted video.Extremely helpful for me,thanks again for your time and effort to make the video.

  12. I'll tell you what, I know from experience that one of the most rewarding things you can do is to fix your own stuff and not have to pay someone else a dime. Do work bro!

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