How to Fix a Snow Blower Carburetor

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This tutorial will show you how to remove, rebuild, clean, fix and maintain your snowblower or snow thrower carburetor.



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36 thoughts on “How to Fix a Snow Blower Carburetor

  1. I really appreciate your video.  I watched it last night after a big snow storm and my snow blower wouldn't start.  I thought I was screwed.  I followed your instructions, put everything back together, and it started on the first pull.  Now I can get my cars up my driveway.  Thank you!

  2. I have an older snowblower with a different setup.  I have a gas leak that I cannot pinpoint.  The gas doesn't seem to be getting through to the engine. I seems to be leaking above the bowl.  Can you help me to troubleshoot this leak.  Thank you in advance.

  3. This is excellent video, but WHY do you NOT have a video on changing the carburetor from a TWO cycle snowblower instead of the one??? Its more of a pain to remove it from a two cycle and it would be very helpful to show us. Thanks

  4. Hi Mark, great video, gave me the knowledge to install my own carb rebuild kit!!
    However, once it's all back together and running, the throttle seems to be way too high.  I have since taken the carb apart again and watched the vid several times, I believe everything is back together correctly.  When it's running and using my fingers to move the throttle linkage all the way to the right (when standing behind the blower, from where I'd be pushing it), the throttle goes down and sounds like what I'd expect.  But it doesn't stay that way, it seems to want to move to the left (outside) the way the spring from that plate is pulling it, though the spring doesn't really seem to pull either.  Any suggestions at this point?  I almost have it!!
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Excellent video on cleaning the snowblower carburetor. Take the rest of the day off!  
    BTW: you might want to try using some latex gloves, so you're not bathing your hands in all the chemicals. YIKES!
    50  7mil  nitrile gloves for about $8 at discount tool stores. Use them all the time in the shop.

  6. I've owned 2 Toro CCR2000e snow throwers and the needle seats on both of them started leaking over time so the snow blower started leaking gas all over the garage. Wasn't repairable so needed new carburetor. 

  7. thanks for the video. I forgot to empty the gas tank last year and now when I put gas in the snow blower it leaks over night. do you have any suggestion of what causes that.

  8. Oh, it work, I used your method to clean up my snow blower carburetor and she running beautiful. thanks for your video.
    have a nice Holiday.

  9. Good video. Got Carbutetor Kit # 798917 and parts to replace the carburetor on my Briggs & Stratton 8HP overhead valve Snowblower — The parts came without a "Intake Arrestor" – which the instructions says is Important.  How important is this component?  I don't recall seeing anything like it when I removed the old carb.

  10. FYI, I highly recommend using "ethanol free" fuels in small 2 cycle engines.

    As a homeowner, I stopped using ethanol-gas mixtures in all of my small 2 cycle engines about 4 years ago after a carb rebuild on my 1987 Toro CCR 2000e Snowblower.  My local repair shop recommended it.  Since going ethanol-free, everything I have starts easier and runs better.  Aside from my 1987 snowblower (still going strong), I also have a Homelite trimmer I bought back in 2000.  I often considered throwing it out because it was always a bear to start, even when it was relatively new.  Spring starts used to take me 10 to 20 pulls, a beer-break and several swear words and then it never started or ran right throughout the mowing season.  With no repairs and simply using ethanol-free 50:1 fuel, it now cold-starts on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th pull, every time, even the first startup in the spring.  

    Yes, these fuels are more expensive and if you're a professional who burns through fuel before it goes bad, then the cost of these fuels "may" not make sense for you.  However, the problems with the current E10 ethanol blend in 2 cycle engines is already well documented so, if/when the EPA mandated E15 takes effect, the problems for 2 cycle motors will only get worse.  Regardless of the E10 or E15 effects on repairs, we know gas goes bad within 30 days so, for the average homeowner who may not use their machines too often (think chainsaw), then using these ethanol-free fuels will save you money in repairs and will provide better performance.  Ethanol Free fuels have a shelf life of 2 years.

    Some people claim that Sta-Bil fuel treatment works just as well.  I use Sta-Bil when winterizing my boat (V8 / 350) so I believe it's a good product.  However, in the past, I've used Sta-Bill in my 2 cycle gas can and none of my 2 cycle engines ever started or ran right.

  11. I have toro snowthrower 2c ccr 3HP and the only way I can get it to run is by putting fuel in the spark plug socket but it only runs till that fuel is burned. I cleaned the carburetor good and put it back together, but it still does the same thing. Any thoughts?

  12. Nice job! My 8 year old primer finally gave out. A $8.00 bulb from local Toro dealer, quite a rip off. I used your video to save a $55.00 hr repair.  Shop around on net to save on primer bulb..

  13. You are awesome. I was facing Snowzilla expecting my 1 year old snowblower to fire up. It didn't. i tried everything but then today, with 2 feet of snow on the ground, I was able to rebuild the carburetor by following this video. After reassembly, it started on the 2nd try. You saved my back from great pain. You Are The Man!

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