How To Fix A Surging Carburetor with Taryl

In “Taryl Meets Taryl Across The Big Pond”, another hilarious yet informative How-To Video on how to properly fix a surging problem on your Honda/Tecumseh carburetor. Carb running bad or hunting up and down?? Watch and Learn from the best in the biz and you won’t go wrong! Now there’s your dinner!

This video has been updated from the original posting and re-posted for information accuracy.

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33 thoughts on “How To Fix A Surging Carburetor with Taryl

  1. Great vid, very informative and funny. I have a Sears pressure washer that runs great (smooth) unit I pull the wand trigger then it surges (bogs down really) and kills. If I release the trigger it runs smooth again. Any thoughts?

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  3. I just watched a video where a 12 yr old kid found the problem with a surging motor that several mechanics couldn’t fix it and it was a new one . It sat for a few years and they bought it cheap , the kid found a dead mouse and debri in the muffler,

  4. Taryl what are you doing with all those pens , is that to make you look smart cause you is smart you don’t need all them pens send me one

  5. For the first time, i understood what an american actor was saying. But then, we all sometimes have trouble getting our words out right for the first time: He'he'hee…..

  6. Any idea why a Briggs 2cyl 18.5 hp inteck when it is hot it won't restart unless you ground out the spark plug wire or pull the spark plug and put the wire on it while cranking then it starts sparking again.?

  7. You my friend are the master !
    I have been in the small engine business for much to long !
    And have just figured out this surging crap this morning !
    Then found your video !
    You have just confirmed that we are going in the right direction !
    Thank you Sir !
    Excellent video !

  8. Taryl Dactyl, what if you got new carb, new filters, oil change, and the briggs zturn mower is running fine, then just cuts off,…and sometimes backfires, too much gas?

  9. I have a Huskee Lawn Tractor and it's firing when I shoot starter fluid into the intake but not getting gas. I am assuming it is the gas shutoff soleinoid because there is gas flowing thru the lines but the carburator is bone dry. Is it easier to just go ahead and replace the whole carburetor assembly since it includes the solenoid? The solenoid alone is $40 vs. the whole assembly which is $80.

  10. I'm having a surging issue with a Kohler Courage 19hp single. At idle or mid range only, runs good at full speed. I believe it's the governor because if I hold the throttle rod still it quits surging. It ran perfect last year when I put it away, but has been surging from the beginning this season. I've tried additive in the gas but no change. Do you have any suggestions?

  11. Hello taryl how you your good at fixing all I learn a lot from you thank you I wear the spark plug necklace every day that I bought from your website I love it thanks again

  12. Have you ever considered that the acting skits are why you don't have over 100k subscribers? Because you do have the best advise on repairing these junk mowers. I always learn something here.

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