How To Fix Any Lawnmower Briggs and Stratton 3.0 That Won’t Start

After many request to “show how” to fix a lawnmower, I got the other Dynamax 20″ Mulching mower that was abandoned and left with the house we bought to use that as the “how to” fix lawnmower. I spent in all about $8.00 for the oil and plug. This video shows you 4 easy steps to fix a lawnmower: First the video shows you how to take off the gas tank, then remove and change air filter, third change the oil, and finally change the spark plug. There are several other tips in the video. Always use fresh gas and keep up on oil and spark plug changes. Another easy fix is knowing if your mower is running funny after hitting something. This could just mean replacing the shear pin – which only cost a couple bucks. Also keep your blade sharpened so it doesn’t kill your grass. Always remove your plug wire before doing any maintenance. When tipping the lawnmower you will want the carb pointing at sky and put enough oil to the fill level. Remember to like my video if it helps.



17 thoughts on “How To Fix Any Lawnmower Briggs and Stratton 3.0 That Won’t Start

  1. Great video very helpful. I am wondering if you could give me any suggestions on what or how I may fix my lawn mower that wont start. My pull rope wont pull out. I checked to see if anything was wrapped around the blade and it is clear. Any suggestions? Thank you! -audie

  2. I had this problem once. Take the spark plug out completely and pull the cord a few times. This will clear the oil from the cylinder. The mower won't start without the plug in it but the oil will come out the plug hole. Also check the oil level in the lawnmower and make sure it's not overfilled. If it has to much oil it will not start and white smoke will come out of the exhaust. Hope this helps. 🙂

  3. Also if that does not work the cord could be kinked or tangled. You might have to take off the housing and re wrap the cord. Remember to like my video if this helps. And post what you did to fix. Thanks. 🙂

  4. I've found that it's way easier to pull the carburetor and gas tank as an assembly on these engines, then separate them on a bench.

  5. first try carb cleaner. spray cleaner in carb ,,it should run a few sec. if it's a fuel problem. if it doesn't keep running ,spray carb ,let it set a few hrs.. it should run. if not try it again. if that doesn't fix it you might have to take carb apart and clean!

  6. thanks for this video from the other side of the pond, northern europe.

    my lawnmower purrs like a kitten now.. 🙂

  7. To not have problems with clogged carbs on my small engines , i fill the entire gas tank with fresh gas in the begining of the winter and starts them once a month during the winter , let them warm up a little , then my mowers and other small engines starts on the first pull evry new summer .
    I have a Bolens pushmower with that old B&S engine , with the Choke o'matic device on the carb , that thing is old but runs great !
    God bless the Briggs
    Techumshit can go to hell !

  8. Brilliant video, looking for inspiration here because my Briggs&Stratton started first pull when the guy I got it from demo'd it but I forgot I am a shortie and am now struggling to start it.  I think I have gone and flooded it now, so am thinking how to check out what's wrong inside.  Also it did get rained on so that will probably have had an effect!! Do you know of any way to get the correct pulling speed from a short distance (maybe some kind of gearing mechanism)?

  9. I have a Briggs and Stratton 500 series engine.  If it sits overnight, it will start on the first pull and run for about 30 seconds.  Then it will die and not start for the rest of the day.  I took apart the carburetor, cleaned out the gas tank, and put new gas in it.  Still nothing.  Priming does not help.  Any ideas?

  10. How much oil (and what type) are you supposed to put in it? ( I have a Bolens push mower 500 series by Briggs and Stratton )

  11. hello from Australian lawn mower man,,,,they are buggers when they play up most of my mowers go till oil comes out aroound the oil filter then i know its the end well what i can fix.

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