26 thoughts on “How to Fix Any Seized Small Engine (horizontal or vertical)

  1. I just followed your steps to fix my engine and its soaking in now. Quick question though, does the PB blaster need to be flushed out before filling with oil and starting the engine back up or will/ can it safely burn out? Thanks Tom.

  2. You are absolutely awesome for putting up this video. You just saved me a hassle to the repair shop and a lot of money. Thank you very much. My back pack leaf blower due to weather and not draining the fuel for winter storage would not budge. I thought maybe it was the pull rope mechanism. Than realized I had a seized motor. I did exactly as you described….and it worked. Thanks again brother.

  3. You don't have to wait 24 hours as some else had suggested 20 to 30 minutes of good soak. Then once you start it the PB blaster white smoke will appear for a few minutes….then just let it for a 10 to 20 minutes in idle and you are good to go..

  4. My dirt bike engine seized but idk what pb blaster is another video suggested squirting wd40 on the piston but idk if I can get this last screw off should I squirt it in the spark plug hole?

  5. Hey my 17.5 hp Briggs and Stratton engine was seized up and I followed your steps. I got it unseized, but now it has no compression and won't start. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. I have several cracks in my crankcase.  I am going to attempt to weld it together with a propane torch.  Should I apply aluminum from the inside or outside?

  7. I sprayed the pb blaster in the spark plug hole and nothing happened its still locked up. I didn't drain the oil though do I have to do this in order for this process to work?

  8. Question… I used this method to free up a frozen leaf blower engine, but think I might have used too much lubricant (I used PB Blaster, and put quite a bit in there…) I still can't fire it up, but I think there still might be too much lubricant in the chamber. The plug is drenched… Should I just let it air out for a while & try again?

  9. So I tried this and was then able to spin the flywheel but it will only spin so far and then stop. Same thing happens when I try to start it.

  10. Hey, fellow Wisconsinite here, I got an old tecumseh 7hp from an Ariens snowblower and i sprayed PB into the combustion chamber, waited 30 min and nothing, waited 2-3 hours and still seized. I watched a video where a guy waited a week but unless thats my only option i dont want to resort to that. Any ideas on what i should do? Anything is appreciated, thanks

  11. a neighbor gave me a craftsman riding mower with a twin motor in it he said it just quit working once I got it their was no oil in the thing might have been a drop or so but the motor is locked bad the back wheels do spin around I'm able to push the driving mower around it has a twin craftsman motor and that's it other then the cheap craftsmen twin motor the frame an all that shits good on mine i need a good Briggs and Stratton motor or another kholar.

    See how you was turning that by hand mine won't turn like that i tried for hours but the guy who had it before me ran it with hardly no oil their was just one drop of black oil on the tip of the stick when i checked it out so do you think mine will free up and twist around by hand i don't have all the right tools for taking valves and pistons out of the motor if thats whats wrong with it to bad tho mine has two plugs i think I'll end up junking the craftsman twin motor or will give it to a friend an get a good Briggs my Briggs push mowers last for years with no problems I've had problems with other craftsmen mowers before kholar and Briggs and Stratton last longer for me

  12. I may have seized the engine on Troy Bilt snowblower by adding too much oil. The pull cord will not work. I did also start it with little oil and smoke did come out. I know, this was not my best work. Are there any steps I can to un-seizing the engine?


  13. If you ran it out of oil, why would you drain oil ?And most new lawn mowers If I'm not mistaken stall with low oil. VW cars have same problem just add 2 cans oil and go. I should of said some VWs have that sencer that shuts them down so you don,t blow motor.

  14. Also show complete vid would of been nice. Maybe should of stood up  lawn mover so piston get complete coverage and not one side

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