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  2. Small engines always use a 2t motor, if it has no compresion it's because the walls of the cilynder have been scratched by the piston due to an overheating or an oil lack.
    To solve the problem you have to go to a special site to get those scratches removed and get a new piston, I've seen people doing it for about 70€ including the piston.

  3. I need more clues
    >Compression? No, or not too much?>Damaged cilinder
    >Is it very old? Yes>More problems, if it hasnt a fuel filter I would check the carburator jets No?> More probably to have a damaged cilinder

  4. Way to go, young man. I wish we had a son like you. I'm sure your folks are real proud of you. Keep up the good work.

  5. Not true. I have a Poulan Pro lawnmower with a 4 stroke Briggs & Stratton engine. I know it's a 4 stroke because it has an oil reservoir and it says "4 Stroke" on the engine

  6. But Poulan Pro uses engines between 150cc and 200cc, big enough to use a 4 stroke system without losing too much power compared to a 2 stroke, I was talking about engines with cylinders between 40cc's and 80cc's.

    P.D: You've made an good adquisition, usually 4 stroke motors are more expensive but they are also more reliable and last longer than the 2 stroke ones.

  7. I checked the compression and it was fine.
    The carb is new so yeah it could be the cylinder.
    The engine is only a few years old, it was manufactured in 2007.
    It has a fuel filter on the intake hose.

  8. If you pull of the starter rope and it's hard to pull its OK, if you pull softly and it moves backwars progressively it's damaged.
    If the cilinder it's fine but the rpms don't go up check the carburator jets, it's an easy job, I had a similar problem with a cross bike, it had some dirt on the principal jet, making it to go slowly and when you tried to go faster it didn't do it.

    If the cilinder it's damaged I guess it can still work but will lose a lot of power.

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  10. "Hi" I have a push mower that blows out smoke and goes through a tank of gas very fast. Do you know how I can fix it? Thank you for your videos, very educational!

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